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Manav is a Raid leader, he helps many rural communities by coordinating raids for them.He is also a software engineer and works in the IT Industry as an ETL Developer.Highly informed with everything Pokemon.
Pokemon Go Shiny Alakazam Leak Special Raid Event Boss
UPDATE - April 6th at 9 PM UK: Our source has provided Gaming INTEL with additional details regarding this Pokemon Go leak. While we still stand by this original post, our exclusive source claims that Shiny Alakazam will be coming as a Special Raid Event at a later date. Niantic delayed the event for reasons that are not yet known.We have...
Pokemon Go Equinox Event Leak
UPDATE - March 15th 10 PM UK: This leak has now been proven correct with an official announcement via Niantic. This now marks the fourth Pokemon Go leak in a row which Gaming INTEL has got right.This just in, Gaming INTEL has received an exclusive leak from our Pokemon Go source, stating that an Equinox event is coming very...
Pokemon Go Defensive Form Deoxys
Gaming INTEL has received exclusive information regarding a new form of Deoxys coming to Pokemon Go. The leaked information states Deoxys Defense Form will be coming as an exclusive Raid Boss in Pokemon Go. So far only MewTwo and two other forms of Deoxys have been in Ex Raids.UPDATE: 9 days after our initial leak. Deoxys Defense Forme has been confirmed...
Shiny Rayquaza Pokemon Go
In addition to the announcement of an all-new mainstream Pokemon game for Nintendo Switch earlier on, it appears Pokémon Go Trainers are in for an even bigger treat with an exclusive leak which Gaming INTEL has received.UPDATE: This has since been confirmed as a non-shiny Rayquaza coming to Pokemon Go. Although our information was close to be absolutely correct, our...

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