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30 years old and happily married. Have a beautiful little Daddy's girl. They are my world which is why I work hard to help provide. I say help because fortunately my great wife is also willing to work hard so that we can enjoy the things we want to enjoy. Writing for me (as I'm sure it's the case for a lot of people) is an outlet. If I could make more money than I do at my job you bet I will, but until then it is a hobby. One that I'm willing to take seriously.
Learn to Program with Minecraft Book Review
Learn to Program with Minecraft, by Craig Richardson, is an extremely intelligible book that gives you exactly what the title claims. This book is twelve chapters packed with details, and set up so one could relatively easily achieve what some might think is out of their league. To say the least there is something there that anyone who plays...
Coding with Minecraft Book Review
Coding with Minecraft is a very interesting book designed to help kids learn several things. It starts with explaining the process of installing Minecraft, and how to install a mod for Minecraft. Specifically this mod is Computercraft, and it is the object that this book was wrote about. Also, it teaches kids a code called Lua, and how to...
Battlefield 2018 Setting - WW2, Vietnam or Battlefield 5 (Modern Day)?
There has been a lot of speculation about Battlefield 2018 as to where they plan to take gamers to next. You can take a look at where they have already been, but as history shows you can't really count on that to tell you where they will go next. Battlefield 2018 could recap somewhere it has already been, or...
Guitar Hero Live Experience
Guitar Hero Live was nothing like it was expected to be due to previous Guitar Hero games. It was always cartoon like, and pretty much a mockery of what it was like to be in a band. To play the game you had to get used to flashy distractions and wild animations, but they were all still really fun...

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