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John is a semi pro/amateur gamer. When he's not writing content, he loves to play some video games. Recently, he's been dipping his hand into competitive play in a bid to test out something new.
Modern Warfare Buddy Boost
Modern Warfare has been making headlines as of recently with a bevy of gameplay changes to the core formula that has been shocking fans. Infinity Ward is trying their best to capture the nostalgic feeling of the older Call of Duty games, while also encouraging newer types of play styles, including cooperation.Multiplayer...
Apex Legends took the battle royale scene by storm back in February with a surprise launch. Developers Respawn Entertainment, predominantly known for the Titanfall series, provided a new spin to the genre by providing heroes for players to choose from with abilities that brought a fresh breath of new air to the battlefield.Needless...
Modern Warfare Killstreaks
Infinity Ward recently confirmed the return of Modern Warfare killstreaks within a series of teasers prior to August 1st. Since then, they've divulged into more detail regarding this system, in addition to some gameplay of them in action. Many players have been wondering to what extent they can dominate the online battlefield, and now an Infinity Ward...
Modern Warfare BETA
As the October 25th launch date of Modern Warfare draws closer, many players are wondering how to get early access to the multiplayer Beta.Infinity Ward is developing this year’s iteration of Call of Duty. A ton of new information and gameplay was shown during the worldwide multiplayer reveal on August 1st such...
Modern Warfare Campaign Gameplay
Infinity Ward has recently showcased multiplayer gameplay for this year’s entry to the Call of Duty franchise. Although multiplayer has been a widely acclaimed aspect of the title thus far, many fans are eager for new gameplay of a Modern Warfare campaign mission.Modern Warfare's campaign was showcased back in late May, but...

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