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Cristal is a senior writer at Gaming INTEL. In her spare time, she enjoys playing all types of games, from RPGs to First Person Shooters. For example, PUBG, Call of Duty alongside a host of Nintendo Switch titles.
Nintendo Switch Xbox Games
According to recent rumors, Xbox games could be making their way to the Nintendo Switch console. It's exciting to see that we'll be able to enjoy games that were previously exclusive only to Xbox now available on our Nintendo Switch consoles. Xbox Games on Nintendo Switch Although it’s only a rumor, there is strong evidence to show that Microsoft has intentions to...
FIRST Leaked Pokemon Nintendo Switch RPG Image
After a highly talked about image, which is supposedly a leaked in-game screenshot of Pokemon Nintendo Switch, appeared on the internet many fans were left in joy. It now appears that the Pokemon Company have taken notice of this image and responded with another picture.As mentioned in our Pokémon Nintendo Switch Project Codename article, you can just about see that...
Fortnite Battle Royale Impact LTM
With the Fortnite Servers Down on PS4, Xbox One and PC people are scouring the internet to find out more information on upcoming updates in the game. A popular German youtube channel by the name of DieBuddies, with over 900,000 subscribers, have found out a little more on which games modes we can expect in future updates. According to...
Rumors and leaks regarding the PlayStation 5 are now starting to appear. Today a twitter user has posted a confidential document screenshot of details regarding the PS5 Spec. The document was named PS5 'Project Epsilon.' This is most likely to just be a code name for the upcoming PlayStation 5 Console, just like what we saw with the Xbox One...

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