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Austrian Game Store Has PS5 Boxes On Display

A game store in Austria has two PS5 boxes on prominent display – exciting many gamers who visit. The image released earlier today on Reddit has created a lot of buzz across the web.

What’s most exciting about the image is it features both the PS5 (full edition) and the PS5 Digital boxes.

The PS5 box is sleek white and the digital edition is all black – or “Darth Vader Evil Box” as one Redditor described it.

The image was revealed earlier today in a Tweet from Twitter user Snivellus, who took the picture himself after seeing the boxes in-store.

The same user then uploaded the image to Reddit and started a conversation around it. However, some eagle-eyed users noticed the boxes weren’t exactly what they seemed upon further viewing.

Convincing Placeholders

Hype aside, the PS5 boxes don’t actually contain PS5 consoles. They are likely to be simple placeholders, put there to create hype, and encourage pre-orders.

Extra hype isn't exactly needed though, with many retailers struggling to fulfil the PS5 console for release date delivery.

While they look like genuine placeholders to the naked eye, on closer inspection their imperfections can be noticed. Meaning they are likely replicas created by the store, if this is the case then bravo to them for creating such a convincing copy!

The store itself is allegedly a Gamestop in Austria. Although we’re not so sure the boxes were created under orders from head office!

The PS5 boxes have achieved exactly what they were intended to achieve though. For those who’ve seen them – the release of the PS5 just got real.

A new report hints that other customers in Europe may just be getting their PS5 game pre-orders a week early.

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