An Audacious Elimination is a Warzone 2 kill that is made while a member of your squad is awaiting Resurgence. If you eliminate an enemy player while a teammate is waiting to respawn, that’s an Audacious Kill.

Getting an Audacious Elimination will shorten the respawn timer for any allies waiting to respawn in Resurgence modes by 8 seconds.

“Audacious” is defined as “showing a willingness to take bold risks.” It is also used to indicate a lack of respect for an individual.

Therefore Audacious Eliminations only occur while your teammates are out of the game, as you’re being bold for risking your whole team’s chance to respawn.

Warzone 2 Resurgence Ashika Island

Incidentally, you will not receive an Audacious Kill notification when getting kills while teammates are downed. The pop-up only appears while your squad members are waiting to respawn.

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Easiest Way to Get Audacious Kills in Warzone 2

The best way to get Audacious Eliminations in Warzone 2 is by playing Resurgence Quads.

It is also possible in Resurgence Trios or Duos, but you’ll have more luck in Quads as there are more players on your team that could be waiting to Resurge.

Whether you’re playing with friends or in matchmaking, you’ll rack up plenty of Audacious Eliminations in Resurgence mode just by taking part.

Downed Enemy in Warzone 2 Resurgence

After all, chances are many of your kills will occur while at least one of your teammates is out of the game.

And ensuring you take down plenty of enemy players while those teammates are missing in action is the best way to get your allies respawning fast.

Towards the end of the game, when Resurgence is disabled, every kill will be Audacious so long as your squad is down a player. And when you’re the last man standing, you’ll be able to earn Fearless Kills in Warzone 2!

Check out Warzone 2’s current best Ashika Island loadouts to ensure you’re nabbing Audacious Kills and not going down yourself!

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