Brace yourself for the adrenaline-pumping Assault on Vondel event. This event brings an array of exciting challenges tailored for individual players and a set of community objectives.

Engage in intense battles as you strive to complete these challenges and unlock a treasure trove of new Warzone features.

What Is the Assault on Vondel Event?

The Assault on Vondel event is a limited-time event where players can earn medals by completing specific challenges.

These medals can be exchanged for individual rewards. Additionally, there are community goals that require the player base to collectively acquire a particular amount of medals in order to unlock new features on the Vondel map.

In the Assault on Vondel Event, a covert operative, Nikto, has seized control of Vondel alongside a legion of hired soldiers. As an Operator, your objective is to counter Nikto’s forces and recapture the city, engaging in a fierce battle to restore order and security.

Blackcell variant of Nikto leading the Assault on Vondel

Assault on Vondel End Date

The Assault on Vondel event will be live until July 7, 2023, at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET / 5 PM BST. This means players will have just over three weeks to unlock all rewards from the individual and community challenges.

  • Assault on Vondel will end in:
Soldier walking around Warzone Vondel

How to Earn Medals in Assault on Vondel in MW2 & Warzone

To earn medals in the Assault on Vondel event, you can:

  • Complete the challenges in the Assault on Vondel event tab.
  • Place 5th or higher in any Warzone match.
  • Get 15 kills in a Multiplayer match in which your teams wins.

All Assault on Vondel Challenges


You will earn one medal and 1000 XP for every individual challenge you complete.


  • Find the Detonator at Graveyard
  • Complete a Contract started at Graveyard
  • Kill 10 enemies at Graveyard
Assault on Vondel Graveyard challenges
Credit: dkdynamite


  • Find the Detonator at Castle
  • Open 10 containers at Castle
  • Kill 3 Operators at Castle
Assault on Vondel castle challenges
Credit: dkdynamite


  • Find the Detonator at University
  • Complete a Contract started at University
  • Open 10 containers at University
University Challenges
Credit: dkdynamite


  • Find the Detonator at Market
  • Open 10 containers at Market
  • Kill 3 Operators at Market
Market challenges
Credit: dkdynamite

City Hall

  • Find the Detonator at City Hall
  • Complete a Contract started at City Hall
  • Kill 10 enemies at City Hall
City Hall challenges
Credit: dkdynamite


  • Find the Detonator at Mall
  • Open 10 containers at Mall
  • Kill 3 Operators at Mall
Mall challenges
Credit: dkdynamite

Central Station

  • Find the Detonator at Central Station
  • Complete a Contract started at Central Station
  • Kill 3 Operators at Central Station
Central station challenges
Credit: dkdynamite


  • Find the Detonator at Museums
  • Complete a contract started at Museums
  • Kill 3 Operators at Museums
Museums challenges
Credit: dkdynamite


  • Find the Detonator at Stadium
  • Open 10 containers at Stadium
  • Kill 10 Enemies at Stadium
Stadium challenges
Credit: dkdynamite


  • Find the Detonator at Zoo
  • Open 10 containers at Zoo
  • Kill 10 enemies at Zoo
Zoo challenges
Credit: dkdynamite


  • Win 5 matches of Hardpoint
  • Confirm 75 kills in Kill Confirmed
  • Get 25 Assault Kills
Logistics challenges
Credit: dkydynamite


  • Win 5 matches of Search & Destroy
  • Capture 25 points in Domination
  • Get 25 Defender Kills
Operations challenges
Credit: dkdynamite


  • Win 5 matches of Headquarters
  • Get 3 Kills without dying 15 times in Team Deathmatch
  • Get 15 High-Value Target Kills in Bounty
Intelligence challenges
Credit: dkdynamite


As a community, Warzone players will have an opportunity to unlock additional features and items for Vondel. These features can be achieved by hitting the community medal goal for each reward:

  • Collect 125 million medals as a community – Taxi Boat & Trams added to Vondel
  • TBA – Reinforcement Flares added to Vondel
  • TBA – Favorite Supply Box added to Vondel
  • TBA – Unlocks the Tonfa Melee Weapon
Assault on Vondel Community Challenges
Credit: dkdynamite

All Assault on Vondel Medal Rewards

Here are all the rewards you can earn by redeeming your medals:

  • 1 Medal
    • Foul Play Loading Screen
  • 5 Medals
    • The Shallows Vehicle Skin
  • 10 Medals
    • Good To Be King Emblem
    • Seadog X12 Blueprint – MW2 Owners Only
  • 20 Medals
    • Trishula Signal 50 Blueprint
    • Large Deep Sea Danger Decal – MW2 Owners Only
  • 25 Medals
    • Splatter Tactics Camo
    • Breath In The Soul Weapon Sticker – MW2 Owners Only
  • 30 Medals
    • Large Randy The Ribbiter Decal
    • Electrifying Operator Finishing Move
  • 40 Medals
    • Alpha Brigade Aksel Operator Skin
    • Train Car Camo
    • Orders Incoming Loading Screen
    • Col. Squeaks Weapon Charm – MW2 Owners Only
Assault on Vondel Medal Rewards
Credit: dkdynamite
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