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Asmongold Thinks Overwatch 2 Is the Same Game With PVE Mode

Popular streamer Asmongold has several reasons to believe that Blizzard’s next title Overwatch 2 will be a failure.

Prior to Fortnite’s explosive emergence into the mainstream media, most gamers were enjoying Blizzard’s brand new FPS title — Overwatch.

However, the game was soon abandoned by a majority of its player base, due to the lack of regular balancing updates and stale meta.

But, there’s a sequel set to release for Overwatch, and Asmongold has predicted the future of Overwatch 2 in a recent video.

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Asmongold Fears Overwatch 2 Will Get Worse After Release

With the Overwatch 2 beta kicking off in April, lovers of the shooter genre are gearing up to try out the new title. However, Asmongold believes Overwatch 2 will get worse after the first few months.

In a recent video on Asmongold’s Youtube channel, the WoW pundit expressed their concerns surrounding Overwatch 2.

Being a fan and a long-time player of Blizzard’s games, the streamer believes that the publisher’s development team is not good at coming up with solutions for the issues in their games.

As a result, the games are usually good during the release. But with Blizzard misinterpreting the community’s feedback, they tend to get worse with time.

The chat also asked Asmongold if they will play the game once it’s out. While the streamer stated that they will play the game, they added that they might not stick around after the first week.

“I mean I am not really much of an FPS andy, but my main used to be Roadhog so whenever you play that class, you don’t really need to be,” said Asmongold, excited to hook more enemies in Overwatch 2.

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Only time will tell if Overwatch 2 will become a success or not. Although one thing is for certain, a lot of players will check the sequel, hoping for the game to return its early seasons glory.

Many in Asmon’s chat were also quick to point towards the fact that Overwatch has become a “shields simulator.” That said, if Blizzard plans to make Overwatch great again, they might need to lower the number of shield heroes in the game.

With Microsoft acquiring Activision Blizzard in a surprise deal, fans have high hopes for Overwatch 2.

Finally, make sure to check out all the games that Microsoft owns after the Blizzard purchase. The list has grown significantly, to say the least!

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