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Argos PS5 Restock Leaker Provides Update On Scalper Risk

A PS5 restock at UK retailer Argos may be delayed due to scalper bot fears. According to a new tweet from an insider.

In the past few days, some reliable sources have claimed that more PS5 restocks are coming soon. Currys made more stock available last week – as did GAME, which sold out in 39 minutes.

Rumors suggest that more retailers in the UK will also drop fresh PS5 stock any time now. Argos, Smyths Toys, Very, and Amazon UK being among them.

But according to one Argos leaker, there may be a familiar problem – scalping bots.

The UK has seen its fair share of scalping groups buy up consoles every time there’s a PS5 restock. The issue has even reached the government, who is trying to ban retail bots to stop scalpers.

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PS5 Restock at Argos Might Be Delayed

An Argos employee has reported that his branch may be holding back stock to prevent scalpers from snatching them. The leaker had previously confirmed that a PS5 restock was coming early this week.

But now, due to a “loophole used by bot companies” the retailer has recognized the threat. They may have delayed the PS5 restock until it can be resolved.

It’s frustrating for those who may have ordered a PS5; but at least it shows UK retailers are actively trying to combat them. If they find a way to overcome the scalper threat, then PS5 stock may become easier for regular buyers to find.

The best place to keep updated with all of the PS5 stock drops is our UK PS5 Stock Tracker. It'll let you know when the PS5 goes on sale at all of the major UK retailers.

Alternatively, readers in America can use the US PS5 Stock Tracker to see all of the stateside PS5 restocks.

Remember, Sony expects to ship 18 million PS5 consoles in 2021. So don’t lose hope.

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