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Are the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Servers Down?

No, the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team servers are not offline. If you are experiencing issues connecting to them it may be an issue with your connection.

If you are having difficulties getting into FUT, try resetting your router or reconnecting the internet to your platform.

This may help solve the connectivity issues you are facing. Another solution is to check if there are any current updates that need to be installed.

Whenever you are experiencing issues getting into FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, it can be a good idea to check the EAFIFADirect Communications account on Twitter.

FIFA 23 Vinicius vs Van Dijk

This Twitter account will tweet out any planned outages or if there is issues with the servers. You can also check the FIFA 23 Trello Board which will also showcase any Ultimate Team servers outage.

If there is not any scheduled downtime, and you have checked all of the sources above, yet you still have issues, you may need to check the server status of your console.

Whenever there is a new update to the game, there will also be a scheduled downtime. The recent Title Update 6 had the game down for multiple hours.

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