Shotguns have never been particularly popular in Warzone, but are these close-range weapons worth using in your custom loadouts?

Most Warzone players opt for an SMG for close-quarters combat, and bar a few exceptions (we’re looking at you, Dragon’s Breath KV Broadside and R9-0) they have rarely entered the meta.

However, it has recently come to the community’s attention that shotguns are absolutely everywhere in South American Warzone servers, leading players across the world to give them another try.

Warzone Swimming Shotgun

Are Shotguns Meta?

Shotguns are not currently meta in Warzone, but the most powerful ones can certainly compete with the best SMGs in the game.

However, to effectively use a shotgun in 1v1 gunfights, you’ll need to ensure that you hit all of your shots, make use of Tac Stance, and move quickly around your opponents.

Shotguns are high-risk, high-reward weapons, so they require skill to win unless you get the jump on your enemies. Although, of course, they can be used effectively when camping next to doorways too!

Even if shotguns are a viable weapon type, only a few of them are actually worth using.

MW3 Operator With Riveter

Meta Shotguns in Warzone

The top 3 shotguns to use in Warzone are:

  • Lockwood 680
  • Haymaker
  • Riveter

The Lockwood 680 is the best choice for accurate players, as it can down enemies with just two shots.

Meanwhile, the Haymaker and Riveter have faster fire rates and are especially effective with Dragon’s Breath or Incendiary ammunition, as they massively reduce visibility for enemies.

Lockwood 680 with Red Camo Warzone

Be sure to give these 3 shotguns a try in Warzone and see if you like them. You may be surprised by how powerful they are!

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