Yes, Bill and Frank are in a relationship in The Last of Us TV show. While the video game never said they’re a couple, the TV show confirms it.

Episode 3 of The Last of Us is dedicated to Bill and Frank’s past. It showcases their relationship with one another from the moment they met to their last day together.

You may recognize the actor playing Frank from another incredibly iconic HBO series, as well as his performances in several critically acclaimed films and TV shows.

Bill is also played by another well-known actor who has appeared in some iconic shows, many of which will surprise fans of his performance in The Last of Us.

Bill and Frank at the piano in The Last of Us TV show
Credit – HBO

Are Bill & Frank Gay in The Last of Us?

Yes, Bill and Frank are in a committed gay relationship with one another. Their love for one another begins on the first day they meet when they share an intimate sex scene.

They then spend the next sixteen years with each other before Frank, unfortunately, grows ill. On their last day together, they marry, thus solidifying their love.

The way their relationship is handled is a significant deviation from the games. However, it is nevertheless refreshing to see their love for one another shown on screen.

While Bill and Frank’s relationship is expanded upon greatly in The Last of Us TV show, you’d be forgiven for still asking are Tess and Joel are a couple.

Bill and Frank eating a meal together in The Last of Us TV show
Credit – HBO

The Last of Us video game never went into as much detail about Frank and Bill’s relationship. This is despite it being a huge part of Bill’s life.

Instead, the game merely alludes to their relationship, albeit rather heavily, without ever expressly saying that either character is gay.

It also never gives the player a chance to meet Frank or see his and Bill’s relationship. Instead, Joel, Ellie, and Bill find Frank dead in a house after running away from Bill and becoming infected.

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