Apparent PlayStation 5 Photo on Factory Production Line Surfaces Online

Just over one week from the official PS5 reveal and a new real-life image of the console has apparently emerged online.

The photo shows off the PS5 in a factory production line, although fans are divided over its authenticity. This image originates from a member on the ResetEra forum.

There’s currently no information to fully discredit the legitimacy of this image and in fact, a verified industry insider called FFMuz on the forum has claimed its real. However, Sony has not commented on the matter so it’s best to keep an open mind.

Alleged Photo Shows Off PS5 Console in Real-Life

As we said, there’s nothing that immediately points out to debunk this, but you can take a look at the photo below to make a decision for yourself. Analysis of the image from ResetEra user Zoyos suggests it hasn’t been altered in any way, shape, or form.

PlayStation 5 on Factory Production Line
Apparent photo of the PlayStation 5 console on factory production line

If this image is real, it looks like we have some further context as to the size of PS5.

Following its reveal event last week, various size comparisons of the PlayStation 5 surfaced online, showing both versions of the console paired up against the PS4 Pro, Xbox One X, and Xbox Series X.

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Using the disc drive as a point of reference, the size comparisons indicate that the PS5 will tower above its competitors with a height of 15.74 inches.

This would make the PS5 the tallest console to date. However, if this new image of the console in a factory production line is anything to go by, it could suggest that it might not be as big as lots of us thought.

In recent days, you might have stumbled across multiple 3D renders. Indeed, these certainly indicate that it’s going to be larger than its predecessors – but perhaps the prospect of it towering over the Xbox Series X might be a little bit exaggerated.

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