Today marks exactly one year since Apex Legends released on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. In celebration of this, Season 4 is now available to download via the latest patch. While Apex Legends Update 1.27 is now live, here are the patch notes.

This update comes at the expense of Season 3, but of course, Season 4 is finally here to takes its place. As with every new major content drop, there’s a new character and weapon you can play with, in addition to a host of map changes and bug fixes.

  • New Legend: Revenant is now available to use. The new character is described as someone who is “obsessed with revenge.”
  • New Weapon: Sentinel Sniper is now live, which can pierce through enemy armor.
  • Ranked Series 3: There’s now a new Master tier available.
  • Battle Pass: With the new Battle Pass as part of Apex Legends Season 4, there are now 100 exclusive items up for grabs. These items include things such as legendary skins, packs, and much more.
  • Map Changes: New locations such as Planet Harvester, Survey Room have now arrived. Drop into those POIs to grab awesome loot and weapons.

Alongside the patch notes noted above, the Apex Legends Trello board also seems to shed light on some other changes. If the board is anything to go by, you can also expect to see fixes the following:

  • An issue where level 500 players were unable to matchmake has now been resolved.
  • Fix for where challenges were sometimes not tracking properly.

Among a host of bug fixes, the Trello board also lists some Quality of Life improvements, which will presumably arrive in Apex Legends Update 1.27.

  • Keep Deathbox UI open on taking damage.
  • New button to clear status on everything.
  • Random Favorites option for unlocked skins
  • Ability to switch from localized voice overs to English.

You can now check out the entire list of patch notes via this link.