Earlier this week, Respawn revealed the first details of Apex Legends Season 4 (also called Assimilation) The company confirmed that Forge will be a new character coming soon. As exciting as this may be, some fans are wondering where Revenant is. Fortunately, the Apex Legends Season 4 trailer has allegedly been leaked, and it suggests Revenant is on the horizon.

Respawn reportedly posted the trailer to their YouTube channel earlier today. As it was an accident, it was soon taken down from the platform. However, one fan seems to have taken a screenshot of the video while it was available.

Season 4 Trailer Hints at Apex Legends Revenant Character

They claim the video was available for roughly two minutes, but in that time they managed to screenshot what appears to be Forge and Revenant together. The screenshot (via iLootGames) shows Revenant creeping up behind Forge seemingly preparing to say something.

The image seems to foreshadow some sort of backstab from Revenant. If you look closely, the character’s arm can be seen preparing to swing towards Forge’s back with a sharp weapon.

Although players have managed to get their hands on screenshots of the Apex Legends Season 4 trailer leak, the video itself doesn’t appear to have emerged anywhere. For now, it seems that the best look we’re going to get is images.

Of course, there’s no real way to verify whether or not these images are legitimate. However, judging by their appearance, it would be hard to argue against their authenticity. Assuming it is accurate, it’s very possible that Respawn will take down the tweet to avoid spoilers.

Thankfully, Season 4 is right around the corner so you won’t have to wait long until Respawn reuploads the trailer. The next season will release on February 4th, Respawn Entertainment has confirmed.

If you want to catch up on everything we know so far regarding Season 4, then you can always check out the dev livestream – which has been featured below.