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Apex Legends: Newcastle Guide – Abilities & More

With Apex Legends: Saviors’ newest legend Newcastle’s abilities, players can maneuver through the battlefield rescuing downed teammates.

The current Apex Legends meta has put a lot of emphasis on support heroes like Gibraltar and Lifeline. Both are capable of holding their own and can rescue others when needed.

The inclusion of Newcastle is about to shake up that meta. Respawn revealed his complete kit today. Showcasing a legend that could not only eliminate other legends but also rescue his team.

Here’s everything you need to know about Newcastle to dominate the arena.

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Newcastle Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends: Saviors’ Newcastle Abilities

Newcastle’s ability set allows him to provide coverage from enemies in various ways, allowing the other players to focus on maximizing their damage.

This upcoming season of Apex Legends is introducing some new changes, including some weapon balancing and an all-new legend, Newcastle.

Newcastle can fortify his position and help out downed teammates with his supportive abilities.

His passive, Retrieve the Wounded, allows Newcastle to deploy a shield from his wrist to pick up downed teammates while moving. This ability is a game-changer.

Apex Legends Newcastle Retrieve the Wounded
Respawn Entertainment

Despite only being his passive, Retrieve the Wounded could be an essential ability that Newcastle possesses. With it, players can now run to the battlefield and revive their teammates while pulling them to safety.

If used alongside Gibraltar or Bangalore’s ultimate, it can basically allow the players to reset themselves completely.

His tactical ability, Mobile Shield, allows Newcastle to deploy a hovering energy shield that will adapt to any situation. Newcastle can use Mobile Shield to push enemies, retreat, or even help reach a fallen teammate.

Apex Legends Mobile Shield
Respawn Entertainment

Interestingly, Newcastle is a very mobile defense character while his sister, Bangalore, is a very mobile offensive character. They are siblings, after all.

His ultimate ability, Castle Wall, allows Newcastle to throw down a massive fortress that can protect his team from enemy fire. It will be perfect for endgame circles where things can be chaotic.

Apex Legends Castle Wall
Respawn Entertainment

Imagine a scenario where the circle is against you, so you deploy your Mobile Shield to allow you to push forward, then use Castle Wall to create a fortress in front of you.

If you’re curious to see more of Newcastle, there is a full leak that showcases his abilities and even reveals what the Season 13 battle pass will consist of.

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