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Apex Legends Mobile: Why Is Ranked Locked & How to Unlock It?

If you’re jumping into the newly-released Apex Legends Mobile, Ranked will be locked from the get-go. Here’s why that is, and how to unlock the playlist:

Release date has finally come and gone, and Apex Mobile is now free for all players. Respawn Entertainment’s popular Battle Royale game is now available on smart devices, albeit with a few unique twists!

First and foremost, there’s a mobile-exclusive Legends in Apex Mobile right now, and you can unlock Fade simply by playing!

However, there are also a fair few missing Legends in the mobile port, which is certain to lead to a different meta.

Apex Legends Mobile Bangalore
Respawn Entertainment

Plus, new and returning players will need to learn all about the new Legends Perks system in Apex Legends Mobile if they want to stay ahead of the competition.

How to Unlock Ranked in Apex Legends Mobile

To unlock Ranked Mode in Apex Legends Mobile, players will need to reach level 8 by playing Battle Royale matches and earning XP.

Once you’re at the aforementioned level, you’ll then have the option to enter competitive Ranked games, and work your way through the tiers to becoming an Apex Predator.

If you’re headed into Ranked games, be sure to run Apex Legends Mobile at 60 FPS to get an edge on your opponents. When it comes to high-level play, every little advantage can help on the battlefield.

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How to Unlock Ranked in Apex Legends Mobile
Respawn Entertainment

Why not find out where your favorite legend falls on the Apex Legends Mobile tier list? And don’t forget that you can unlock some extra characters incredibly quickly in-game.

Despite the game locking her behind a high-level requirement, you can unlock Wraith instantly in Apex Legends Mobile!

On top of that, you can get Mirage for free today in Apex Mobile, provided that you know where to look.

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