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Apex Legends Mobile Confirms May 17 Launch

Apex Legends Mobile may be coming earlier than we think, according to a rumor on Twitter!

Since the announcement of Apex Legends Mobile, EA and Respawn have wasted no time and have officially revealed when the battle royale will launch on mobile.

According to recent rumors, here’s when players can expect to drop into the arena on their mobile devices!

Have you seen the new abilities that Newcastle will bring to Apex Legends? Here’s a complete breakdown of his ability set.

UPDATE: Apex Legends Mobile is now CONFIRMING its May 17 launch date:

Apex Legends Mobile Cinematic
Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Mobile Rumored Release Date + Details

According to a rumor going around Twitter, Apex Legends Mobile will be launching on May 17 at 8:00 GMT.

The news comes after EA notified its current soft launch testers that the test would be coming to an end. However, neither EA nor Respawn have given any official confirmation.

But with this leak, it seems that we can expect to see an announcement later this week, if not today! Apex Legends Mobile is looking to bring the excitement of the arena Battle Royale to the small screen.

Despite it coming to mobile, this doesn’t mean that Apex Legends Mobile players will be able to play with PC & Console Apex Legends players.

But there will be a surprising amount of Legends available when it launches.

Apex Legends Mobile will feature exclusive enhancements and innovations. Respawn is looking to bring out the best that mobile devices can offer.

And if leaks are correct, Apex Legends Mobile will launch with a brand new legend, Fade.

Respawn has been hit with plenty of leaks before, including one showcasing everything that will be included in the upcoming Apex Legends Season 13 Saviors’ Battle Pass.

The new legend, Newcastle, will also make his debut in Apex Legends Season 13. He will play a support role.

So it will be interesting how the current Apex Legends Pick Rates differ since his abilities allow him to revive while moving.

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