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Apex Legends Mobile Players Reporting High Ping and Frame Rate Issues

Apex Legends Mobile players are reporting various issues with the game, including high ping, frame rate problems, and more.

Apex Legends Mobile released earlier this week with the first season of content, called Prime Time. It brings the hit Battle Royale onto mobile devices, as well as an exclusive legend called Fade.

Many players have been enjoying taking their favorite returning Legends into the Apex Games, but no launch is without issue.

Many players are reporting issues with Apex Legends Mobile, taking to Twitter to voice their concerns with the performance of the game.

Apex Legends Mobile Players Complain of Many Issues
Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Mobile Players Experiencing High Ping, Frame Drops, and More

Responding to a Twitter post by the user @playapexmleaks, players are responding with their issues in Apex Legends Mobile.

The tweet from the Apex Mobile Legends fan account states “Like & Retweet if you guys are facing horrible ping issues and [framerate] drop.”

Other players then responded with their reported issues. One user wrote, “Ping is 80 but I’m rubberbanding from time to time.”, another user commented, “my frame rate drops although my requirements are more than the minimum requirements”.

Of course, not everyone is reporting these issues. Another user commented, “my phone runs [the game] just fine.”

Apex Legends Mobile Release Date
Respawn Entertainment

However, it seems there are enough complaints here. With Apex Legends Mobile offering Ranked and other competitive modes, performance issues could ruin the experience for many.

Some players also reported issues with Bot Lobbies in Apex Legends Mobile, another issue that the game currently faces.

While we did share that Apex Legends Mobile suffered from performance issues in our review, we also said that the game “brings that high-energy, hero shooter-like fun to a new audience, allowing you to play one of the best Battle Royales on the go.” You can read more of our review here.

Hopefully, Respawn Entertainment will be able to clean these issues up fairly quickly. However, many games launch with similar problems, so it’s likely they’ll be ironed out soon.

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Monday 23rd of May 2022

Sólo quisiera saber por qué no puedo jugar apex legends mobile desde Cuba. Sólo a traves de un VPN puedo conectarme al juego y jugarlo. Si el juego fue lanzado globalmente, por qué no puedo jugarlo sin un VPN? Es decepcionante. Porque espere mucho ese lanzamiento global