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Apex Legends Mobile Players Are Protesting ‘Overpriced’ Microtransactions

It seems that Apex Legends Mobile players are already fed up with an expensive store full of ‘overpriced’ microtransactions.

Apex Legends has always had criticism surrounding its in-game purchases, and it seems that the game’s new mobile port is no different.

When it comes to Free-to-Play titles, publishers need to find that fine balance between keeping profits high and keeping players happy. Of course, in a game like Apex Legends, where all in-game purchases are purely cosmetic, it doesn’t matter quite so much if said purchases are a little pricey.

Apex Legends Mobile 'Overpriced' Microtransactions
Respawn Entertainment

However, some F2P games use that fact as an excuse to drastically raise prices, knowing that a few ‘whales’ (members of the community that are happy to spend a lot of money), will earn them more than the occasional purchase by a casual player.

Now, Apex Legends Mobile fans are protesting the game’s microtransactions, many of which they claim are overpriced.

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Apex Legends Mobile Players Boycotting In-Game Purchases

Some Apex Legends Mobile players are organizing a boycott of the game’s store over expensive microtransactions.

Over on the game’s subreddit, Apex fans are protesting ‘overpriced’ microtransactions, claiming that doing so may help the future of the mobile title.

“The developers are currently testing out how much money they would make with over priced micro transactions,” one post reads. If the results come out overwhelmingly positive then they will likely continue to put cosmetic items over a thick pay wall.”

Right now, players can purchase 10 x Extreme Speed rolls in the Apex Legends Mobile store for 1400 Syndicate Gold. To get your hands on that much Gold, players will need to spend a minimum of $15.

Apex Legends Mobile In-Game Purchases
Respawn Entertainment

However, for each roll, players only have a 0.07% of getting the Eternal Legend Skin they’re rolling for, and just a 0.1% chance of obtaining an Eternal Legend Weapon Skin.

“I don’t pay for chances, I pay for purchases I will get. Everytime you spend your money you vote. Don’t vote for micro transactions,” a commenter replies.

COD Mobile suffers from a similar system, with CODM players recently outraged over the price for a Snoop Dogg skin. And if Apex Legends Mobile continues with this lootbox system, it’s certainly going down the same road.

In fact, it’s this lootbox system that’s seemingly responsible for Apex Legends Mobile not being available in several countries.

And microtransactions aren’t the only issue with Apex Legends Mobile right now. Already, Apex Mobile players are complaining about bot lobbies that seem to be infesting the game.

On top of that, the new mobile Battle Royale has players experiencing high ping and frame rate issues in-game. We only hope that Respawn Entertainment is hard at work solving all of the game’s early issues, store prices included…

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