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Apex Legends Mobile Players Frustrated with Bot Lobbies

Some players are becoming frustrated that their Apex Legends Mobile lobbies are filled with bots, as opposed to real players.

Apex Legends Mobile has finally landed, bringing the chaotic Battle Royale to mobile devices. If you’re like us, you should be loving the game right now.

While there were some issues with Apex Legends Mobile not appearing in the App Store, it seems most players are able to enjoy the game now!

However, it seems that many players aren’t shooting at other players, but rather bots. Here’s why players are frustrated with bot lobbies in Apex Legends Mobile.

Apex Legends Mobile Players Frustrated with Bots in Matches

Many players have taken to the ApexLegendsMobile subreddit to voice their complaints on Bot Lobbies in the game.

There are plenty of posts in the subreddit regarding bot lobbies. While some are finding the easy wins more fun, a lot of players find it boring.

Respawn Entertainment

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One player wrote “Something that I really hate about games is when they add bots. They kill the fun in the game. I don’t mind waiting 5 minutes for a game rather than playing against bots [as] it gets boring.”

Another post that was titled similar to the above comment, simply reads “I don’t mind bots in mobile games but all my games have clearly been bot matches and it’s super boring.”

However, many of the annoyed players are simply wanting to play against other players and asking if other players had experienced real matches. While an exact level isn’t clear, most players agree that the bot lobbies stop after the player reaches a certain level.

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Some users are a bit more cynical, stating that they believe Respawn added bot lobbies to allow players to win and spend more money. It could be true, but it’s more than likely both a level constraint and a lack of real players matchmaking.

Respawn Entertainment

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Comments 2



Sunday 26th of June 2022

Nobody is mad about not lobbies; EVERYONE is mad about trash players at gold tier being in the high level matchmaking lobbies.


Friday 20th of May 2022

tbh it's not just bot lobbies, the FPS is so bad, I have a mid range phone and I only get 40fps. I'm actually disappointed.