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Apex Legends Mobile: What Is Ordnance & All Types

Here’s everything you need to know about Ordnance and how to use it in Apex Legends Mobile.

New and returning players are finally dropping into Apex Legends Mobile, and the mobile port is everything we wanted it to be.

Not only can we take Apex Legends on the go, but the game actually has some significant differences from its console and PC version. One not-so-subtle difference is the addition of mobile-exclusive Legend, Fade, who is completely changing the meta.

We’ve already seen Fade leap up the Apex Legends Mobile tier list for the game’s launch window. Get a hold of the guns with the best TTK in Apex Mobile and you’ll be the Champion in no time.

But to secure your Battle Royale wins, you’ll need to learn about ordnance.

Apex Legends Mobile
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What Is Ordnance in Apex Legends Mobile?

The term ordnance in Apex Mobile refers to all types of thrown projectiles, as well as special exclusive ordnance abilities used by Legends.

Thanks to Apex Legends Mobile not having Wattson yet, ordnance is a lot more powerful in-game. Here are all the items that can help you dominate the battlefield.

Apex Legends Mobile: Full List of All Ordnance

  • Frag Grenade – Explosive device that has a 4-second timer before detonation but will only explode on impact. 1-100 damage, plus 10 damage if it strikes an enemy.
  • Arc Star – Latches onto anything it hits and triggers a large burst of arc energy after 3 seconds. Immediately drains all shields and stuns enemies for 5 seconds. 70 damage, plus 15 damage if it pierces an enemy.
  • Thermite Grenade – Spawns a 3-meter-long wall of fire on impact. 25 damage over 3 seconds that stacks. Thanks to damage over time, a player without armor will be downed in 4 seconds.

Then we have the ordnance that are exclusive to specific Legends and their abilities.

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Apex Legends Mobile All Ordnance
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Bangalore Ordnance

  • Smoke Grenade – Fires a shell that splits into 3 smoke canisters. Does 10 damage to enemies it hits and creates a large smokescreen.
  • Creeping Barrage – Calls in a slow-moving artillery strike on an area. Barrage slows movements, reduced visibility, and does up to 100 damage per blast.

Gibraltar Ordnance

  • Mortar Bombardment – Calls in a mortar strike that covers a large area and deals heavy damage that slows movement and reduces visibility.

Caustic Ordnance

  • Nox Gas Grenade – Releases gas in an area, causing enemies to take damage while reducing their movement speed and visibility. Caustic can also see through this gas freely.

New to Apex or returning after some time away? Check out our beginner’s guide to Apex Legends Mobile here!

Don’t forget that you can unlock Wraith instantly in Apex Mobile, despite her being locked away for a later level.

And if you need to know what the best Legend Perks are and how to use them, we’ve got you covered.

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