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Apex Legends Mobile Beginner’s Guide – Tips, Tricks, & Strategies

Whether Apex Legends Mobile is your first Battle Royale or your latest, you may need some extra help in getting started! Here’s our beginner’s guide for Apex Legends Mobile!

Apex Legends Mobile has just been released onto mobile devices, bringing one of the best Battle Royale games onto new devices finally.

Apex Legends Mobile shares a lot of similarities with other Battle Royale games, but there are some big differences.

We’re going to help you get started in Apex Legends Mobile, so you can be the last squad standing. Here are some beginner’s tips and tricks for Apex Legends Mobile.

Apex Legends Mobile Beginner’s Tips and Tricks to Win

Using these beginner’s tips and tricks will help you win more matches in Apex Legends Mobile:

Before you start the game, make sure to check out the best settings for Apex Legends Mobile. And, you should also try and reach 60 FPS in Apex Legends Mobile.

Apex Legends Mobile Beginner's Guide Tricks, Tips, and Strategies
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If you also have a controller nearby you, such as a PlayStation or Xbox controller, you should find out how to use it in Apex Legends Mobile. Using a controller makes you more accurate. It is also easier to control.

Here are some extra tips and strategies for Apex Legends Mobile:

  • Learn how to play the game. It sounds obvious, but using the tutorial and the range to practice shooting and using each Legend’s abilities is a great way to understand Apex Legends Mobile’s controls.
  • Read up on each Legend’s abilities and play as them to find out which ones suit your playstyle. While some characters suit better in different situations, you’ll usually be fine playing whoever you want.
  • Land in mid-tier loot areas if you want to survive easier. High-tier loot areas (marked as purple on the map / in-game) will be hotspots for firefights. If you feel like you need to learn more about looting, movement, and dealing with enemies, mid-tier will be more comfortable.
  • Stick with your squad. Whether you’re playing with friends or randoms, sticking with your squad means you’ll be revived if downed, you have better chances at defeating enemies, and it’s a better experience.
  • Running away is fair. Dealing bits of damage to earn a better shield bar (the more damage you do, the higher your shield will upgrade) and running away means you may live to see another day. Don’t feel bad for attempting escape, especially if your team is also falling back.
  • Consistently ping. Pinging loot, areas to explore, or where you’re heading next keeps your team informed of your plans.
  • Learn from your mistakes. Failure is likely to occur, but don’t let that bring you down. Maybe you played too aggressively, maybe you didn’t understand your current Legend enough. Learn from your mistakes and try and change it up in the next match!
Apex Legends Mobile Perk System
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Most of the time, your skill will grow with each passing match. Keep playing, and remember to play every day or two, even if you only play one match. You’ll get better as time goes on, especially as you learn how to deal with enemy abilities.

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