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Apex Legends – Is Newcastle Worth Buying?

Apex Legends’ newest legend, Newcastle, is finally here, but is he worth buying? Here’s everything you need to know!

The Season 13 of Apex Legends is finally underway, and with it comes a brand new legend, Newcastle. And with it comes the difficult decision that many returning players face.

New Legends cost either 12,000 Legend Tokens or 750 Apex Coins. If you’re not an avid Apex Legends player or are new to the game, then chances are you don’t have spare Legend Tokens lying around.

And the only way to get more is by leveling up. So you’ll either need to spend real money or grind for him.

So is Newcastle worth all the trouble?

Wraith, one of the original Apex Legends, is getting her own Apex Legends Edition along with a new skin.

Apex Legends Unlock Newcastle
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Apex Legends: Season 13 Saviors – Newcastle

Apex Legends’ newest Legend, Newcastle, is definitely worth the trouble of unlocking. He is one of the strongest support characters in the game.

Newcastle is a game-changer for any Apex Legends rotation. It allows your team to make riskier plays and still have a chance to recover.

His abilities allow him to be a mobile fortress meant to make sure his teammates get in and out safely.

With his Mobile Shield, players can deploy a movable energy shield that the player can manually direct.

So once deployed, the shield will travel to the point that the player sets. His passive, Retrieve the Wounded, allows players to run in and revive teammates while pulling them to safety.

All while they were having a shield up. Newcastle loves shields, and in a game where the last circle can leave you completely defenseless, you should too.

Newcastle isn’t the first from his family to enter the Arena either. You’ve probably played as his offensive sibling a few times.

Apex Legends Saviors Newcastle
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He has a particular playstyle as well. It rewards more patient players who can recognize that they need to stay alive no matter what. So providing cover fire and being there for down teammates should take priority.

His ultimate allows players to deploy a defensive wall that damages players that try to jump over it. Players can also remove barriers from the defensive wall to allow players to pass through.

This option is fantastic in a game like Apex Legends, where movement is everything.

Overall, Newcastle is a fantastic Legend and one that is worth unlocking no matter the means.

And if you’re hoping to move up the ranks in the newly implemented changes to the ranked system, you’re going to need a great support Legend!

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