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Apex Legends Exploit Allows Players to Crash Game Servers

A player has found out how to be the last one standing in Apex Legends, with a new exploit that completely crashes game servers.

Apex Legends’ latest season has been off to a great start, with Season 13 seeing the highest ever peak players on Steam.

However, not only has Apex Legends Season 13 brought great changes, like Newcastle, balancing, and Ranked changes. It also seems that a new exploit has been introduced in the process.

And this exploit seems to be crashing entire game servers, stopping players from playing matches, and frustrating gamers.

New Apex Legends Exploit Ruins The Game For Many Players

The exploit, first posted on the ApexUncovered subreddit, allows players on the Xbox Series X version of Apex Legends to crash game servers.

First posted by user u/gaingreen23, a video shows an ally player freezing, as well as the kill feed before an error pops up.

Apex Legends Valkyrie Heirloom Leaked
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While the user who posted the exploit hasn’t said exactly what to do, it’s apparently an issue when spamming the Xbox home button on Series X.

Apparently, the exploit causes the error “code sign-on” for Apex Legends, kicking people out of the server entirely.

PS5 users say that, while they can’t recreate this exploit, they have had a white screen flicker constantly in Apex Legends.

It may seem like an Xbox-only exploit, the problem may occur when crossplay is enabled. If you find yourself frequently crashing out of the game, you may need to disable crossplay. To do this, follow the instructions below.

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How to Disable Crossplay in Apex Legends

To disable crossplay, first, log into the Apex Legends game.

Once you’re on the main screen of Apex Legends (where you can find your party and your current Legend), head over to the Settings menu displayed as a cog.

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After that, head over to the Gameplay tab of the Settings menu, and find the Cross-Platform Play setting. Disable it to turn off Crossplay in Apex Legends.

Hopefully, Respawn will fix this exploit fairly soon, and we can all crossplay again in Apex Legends!

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