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Another Warzone Invisibility Glitch – New Method To Make Players Invisible

Warzone players have discovered a new invisibility glitch and it is ruining the game.

Warzone has had more than its fair share of hackers and glitches. However, no matter how many times bugs are fixed or removed, another one appears.

This isn't the first time that Warzone players have worked out how to become invisible, and it most likely won't be the last. Check out the latest invisibility glitch below.

warzone ghost

New Invisibility Glitch in Warzone?

Warzone players claim that cheaters are more common than ever now, and this new invisibility glitch is just one of the methods they use. A new clip from content creator Eross shows what seems to be a totally invisible player.

The clip shows Eross shooting at a SUV. However, it seems like the SUV shoots back at him.

Upon watching the killcam, it becomes clear that he was killed by a Warzone player, who was using an invisibility glitch, standing on the bonnet of the car.

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Warzone Plunder Stadium

There's no explanation for how the player turned invisible. However, it's almost certain that this player was a hacker as he was also only level 8.

Clearly Raven missed him in their latest anti-cheat update which banned even more hackers.

Hopefully Raven will fix this invisibility glitch soon before more Warzone players die at the hands of invisible enemies. Fixes to glitches are just one of the many huge changes Warzone players are demanding.

Eross Twitter

Warzone players have hope that this invisibility glitch will be fixed soon as Raven fixed this ridiculous glitch that let hackers end the game early to win very quickly.

Meanwhile, a new teaser from Activision is hinting at the next location the Warzone zombies will spread to next. This could lead to the upcoming leaked Plague mode which features zombies and a nuke.

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