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Another PS5 UK Stock Drop Could Be Happening Today

Prepare yourself for another PS5 stock drop in the UK.

Following news that another UK retailer was set to drop PS5 stock yesterday, more seem to be on the way.

PS5 consoles are almost impossible to buy at the moment, but this hint suggests that some more PS5 stock will drop from this UK retailer today.

PS5 UK Restock

UK PS5 Stock Drop Happening Today?

Major UK retailer GAME has updated their website regarding PS5 pre-orders. This hints that the console may go on sale there today.

This certainly follows the leak that Sony will put millions of PS5 consoles on sale over the next few months.

In a new banner at the top of their PS5 page, it says that payments will start being taken from 19th January. This means the PS5 consoles could drop today.

GAME also says that if you order with priority shipping, they will be sent out by 29th January. Customers who order with standard shipping will get their consoles shipped by 5th February.

GAME has 70 different bundles listed online. So if you miss out on your bundle of choice then be sure to try another one to see if there is still stock.

They are bundling the consoles to stop resellers from buying them. Find out how PS5 bundles stop scalpers and bots from buying the consoles.

It is still not known what time the PS5 stock will drop and finally go on sale, but the signs point towards today being the day. GAME has already started selling previously sold out PS5 accessories like the Pulse 3D Wireless Headset, so the console must go on sale soon.

Check the GAME PS5 website to see if they are in stock.

If you’re in need of a PS5, check out our PS5 UK Stock Tracker. It’ll update you as soon as any PS5 stock goes on sale so you can secure your console.

If you don’t manage to snag a new PS5 from the UK stock drop, don’t lose hope. Sony has plans to ship 18 million PS5 consoles this year.

Many people have been scammed when trying to buy a PS5. Luckily eBay has finally stopped sellers from listing empty boxes.

If you’re in America and need a PS5, don’t worry. Check our US PS5 stock tracker to see if any retailers have stock – you’ll know straight away.

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