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Another Company Is Making Custom PS5 Faceplates – Will They Last?

A new custom PS5 faceplates company has confirmed it can “sell [PS5 faceplates] safely”, despite Sony preventing another company from doing this back in October.

Once Sony revealed that the PS5 faceplates were indeed removable, during the PS5 teardown video, fans became very excited.

It meant that players will no longer be limited to just a white PS5. Instead, they could change the faceplates to make their PS5 the traditional black associated with previous PlayStation systems.

Custom PS5 Faceplates Are Real – And Available To Pre-Order

Or, they could opt for some funky custom designs based on their favorite games. Or other ideas that started appearing on Reddit.

Third-party company PlateStation (who’s website no longer exists) announced they would be selling custom PS5 faceplates. Which would have been ready for the console’s launch.

However, Sony soon pounced on PlateStation and prevented them from fulfilling this vision. Since then, fans have wondered why Sony was so quick to target the third-party company.

Will Sony Release Their Own Custom PS5 Faceplates?

The prevailing theory is that Sony plans to release their own custom PS5 faceplates in the near future. So, any other company offering them first would be potentially stealing their customers.

Since then, however, PlateStation has rebranded and become Customize My Plates instead. They are selling their products again, and so far, Sony hasn’t issued any more challenges.

Now another company is looking to get in on the action. Game Armor has confirmed they will be making custom PS5 faceplates. These are due to go on sale by mid-January 2021.

The reason they are “able to sell safely” is that their design won’t infringe any Sony copyrights. They then suggested this was something did. Which is what led to them needing to rebrand.

You can view the Twitter exchange between the company’s owner and a customer here:

It would seem then that Sony’s greivence was more to do with third parties producing their corporate imagery than stealing their custom PS5 faceplate pre-orders. Something Sony is yet to offer themselves.  

This does make sense, as Sony has never attempted to stop third-party PlayStation peripherals in the past. However, we believe it’s a now only a matter of when Sony will create their own official custom PS5 faceplates.

They may simply be keen to resolve the PS5 stock issues before focusing on customization. More custom PS5 designs are appearing online – and they look incredible.

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