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Angry Warzone Players Slam Game for Being Worse Than at Launch

Warzone players are angry that the game is way worse to play now than it was when it first came out.

Call of Duty Warzone has been hugely successful since it released in March last year. However, it has not always been plain sailing for the game.

There have been plenty of issues, ranging from servers, to cheaters, to gameplay. Although, these problems seem to have gotten way worse over the last couple of months.

Now, angry Warzone players are complaining that the game is worse than when it first came out. One fan has even listed all of the problems he has with the game.

warzone season 2

Warzone Players Think The Game Is Worse Now

Redditor and Warzone player ATK42 has made an angry post claiming that Warzone “is worse in every facet than it was on release”. This post, upvoted by hundreds of other Warzone fans, also has many of the biggest problems Warzone has at the moment.

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The two biggest problems the poster says have gotten worse since Warzone launched are cheaters and SBMM. Despite numerous ban waves to remove cheaters from the game, players using hacks are more common than ever.

Skill-based matchmaking is another issue that many Warzone players are angry about as it makes every game hyper-competitive. Players can’t even track their SBMM level any more either, after Activision had the website shut down.

Warzone Sniper

Next, the post mentions the totally unbalanced weapons in Warzone at the moment. The FFAR, AUG, and M16 are totally dominant in Warzone at the moment, so it’s no surprise that players want all of the Cold War guns removed from Warzone.

Of course, it wouldn’t be an angry Warzone player’s complaints post without mentioning pay to win skins. This near-invisible Roze skin has been a problem ever since Modern Warfare Season 5 and still hasn’t been changed.

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Other complaints include the totally underwhelming zombies event that players don’t even care about any more and that Verdansk has become stale after more than a whole year of playing on the same map.

However, it looks like a new version of Verdansk set in the 1980s could be coming soon.

With all of these complaints and more, it’s no surprise that Warzone players are angry with the current state of the game. Hopefully, Raven Software will fix these issues soon and Warzone can get back to its best.


Meanwhile, the possible upcoming Ural Mountains map for Warzone has been leaked. But will we see it any time soon?

Warzone players are also angry about the Gulag too. Fistfights, crossbows, and one spawn having an advantage are just a few of the problems.

Finally, find out the best gun in Warzone after the FFAR nerf. It might be a surprise!

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