The Angel of Death, Aruna, is a dangerous foe, but one you need to defeat to complete all the Notorious Mark hunts in FF16.

Aruna, otherwise known as the Angel of Death, is a wicked, winged harpy that is making life hard for the traders traveling through Caer Norvent.

Players will need to masterfully weave through its wind and sharp claws if they hope to put an end to this beast. But before that, you’ll need to find the Angel of Death in FF16.

Angel of Death Hunt Location

Players will find the Angel of Death Aruna in FF16 overlooking the plains of Clairview in The Holy Empire of Sanbreque, just south of the Northreach Obelisk.

Angel of Death Location FF16

Aruna will look familiar to players since it closely resembles the harpies that Clive fought when fighting Garuda’s Dominant, Benedikta.

When you first spot the Angel of Death Aruna, you’ll see it roaming the grassy plains of Clairview. To start the battle, all you need to do is approach it.

You’ll trigger its Notorious Mark and see the Hunting Board request for it along with its real name, Aruna.

How to Easily Defeat Aruna Angel of Death

Players will need to use the same strategy they used against Garuda’s harpies when fighting against Aruna Angel of Death.

  • Aruna will send out Wind magick attacks and dive toward the player. You’ll need to time your dodge right to avoid these and set yourself up for a counter.
    • Ensure you have mastered your Precision Dodge to increase your window to counterattack.
  • If you see Aruna dive towards you, don’t try to use any of your Eikon attacks to stop her unless you have Titan. She will blow past you and do damage still.
  • When you reach the halfway point of the Angel of Death’s stagger matter, use Garuda’s Deadly Embrace to pull it down to the ground.
    • This allows you to do even more damage while she is down.
  • Use Garuda’s Eikon abilities, Gouge and Wicked Wheel, to destroy her stagger meter repeatedly.
  • Trigger Limit Break when Aruna is staggered to do the most amount of damage possible.

The Angel of Death is a difficult fight, but with these tips, players can defeat this beast and ease the minds of travelers in the Sanbreque Empire.

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