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Among Us Glitch Lets Nintendo Switch Players Access New Map Early

A glitch in the Nintendo Switch version of Among Us allows players to access the new Airship map early. 

During yesterday’s Indie World Showcase, we learned that Among Us would make its console debut on the Nintendo Switch. Even more excitingly, Nintendo confirmed that the popular social deduction game would launch on the same day.

Now, just one day after Among Us released on the Switch, fans have already discovered an interesting glitch. The glitch grants players advanced access to the unreleased Airship map.

Among Us New Nintendo Switch Map

Among Us developers Innersloth announced the Airship map last week during The Game Awards 2020. The Airship draws inspiration from Henry Stickmin, another video game series developed by Innersloth.

Originally, the Airship was slated for an early 2021 release. Of course, fans can get a sneak peek of the map thanks to the Among Us Switch glitch.

Recently, GameXplain put out a video breaking down the Nintendo Switch Among Us glitch.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, GameXplain found that the Airship map is currently incomplete.

For example, the map’s background elements are not fully functional, as characters can walk inside of some walls. In addition, some tasks are incompletable, trapping players in a never-ending loop of trying to finish the task.

Main Hall Among Us Nintendo Switch

The Airship is certainly not ready for anyone looking to play a proper game. Still, this Nintendo Switch glitch provides an interesting first look at this upcoming Among Us map.

How to perform the Among Us Nintendo Switch glitch

To perform the Among Us Switch glitch, a player must first create their own game in a local lobby. From there, the player can select the Airship map.

After selecting the Airship in local play, the player must then exit out and go to online play. The player should then host a game and create a room without actually selecting a map.

Upon creating an online lobby, the player needs at least four other people to join the room.

Once these steps are complete, the Among Us Nintendo Switch glitch will activate. The game will default to the stage selected in the local lobby, thus taking players to the unfinished Airship.

Since this Among Us map is still incomplete, it is likely that Innersloth will patch out the Nintendo Switch glitch. As a result, fans looking to get a preview of the Airship should try it out while they still have the chance.

Regardless of the status of the Among Us Switch glitch, fans can look forward to a completed Airship map early next year.

Vault Among Us Nintendo Switch

Among Us is one of many exciting games to hit the Nintendo Switch this month. Check out this list of games launching on the Switch in December.

Previously, Among Us was only available on PC, iOS, and Android. As a result, the Nintendo Switch is the first major gaming console to feature a port of the game.

However, we know the three biggest video game companies have been working together to foster a safer online gaming environment. With this kind of collaboration currently happening, it’s not hard to imagine that Among Us could also launch on the other major consoles at some point.

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