Starfield is filled with easter eggs, but one has players discovering historical figures from the past, including Amelia Earhart. The best part is you can recruit for your ship!

Crewmates in Starfield can be incredibly helpful as they join you on your ship, at Outposts, or in battle. They offer skills that you may not have unlocked.

Amelia Earhart is a secret crewmate who can join your vessel, and here is how you can recruit her in Starfield!

How to Get Amelia Earhart as a Crewmate in Starfield

To get Amelia Earhart as a crewmate in Starfield, you will need to complete the “Operation Starseed” mission and choose either “Reboot and restore current Mission parameters” or “Reboot and choose a new Super-Admin” in the final step of the quest.

Selecting “Initiate Full Project Cleanse” will not allow you to recruit her. After completing the quest, speak with Amelia to recruit her free of charge.

Amelia Earhart in Starfield

Where to Find Amelia Earhart in Starfield

Amelia Earhart can be found by landing on Charybdis III in the Charybdis system. To travel here, players will need a ship with a Grav Drive minimum of 22 LY.

If you have yet to travel here, you must follow this route: Ophion or Hyla Moloch SystemShoza SystemIxyll SystemZosma SystemCharybdis.

Amelia Earhart Location in Starfield

Starfield: Amelia Earhart Skills

Amelia Earhart comes with two skills in Starfield:

  • Piloting Rank 2
  • Rifle Certification Rank 2

If you equip Amelia with a Rifle, she can be an excellent companion to have on those missions or side quests with a lot of combat.

Amelia Earhart skills in Starfield

How to Complete Operation Starseed to Recruit Amelia Earhart

  1. Land at “The Crucible” on Charybdis III.
  2. Upon landing, speak with the robot Tobias.
  3. While talking, a person named Ada will come up and speak with you.
Tobias in Operation Starseed
  1. Next, follow the marker to speak with Franklin.
    • You will discover that he is a clone of former USA president Franklin D. Roosevelt, and everyone at The Crucible are clones.
    • Outside where FDR is, you will find Amelia Earhart, but you will not yet be able to recruit her.
FDR Starfield
  1. After speaking with Franklin, you must follow the markers to speak with Genghis Khan and Queen Amanirenas.
  2. After you speak with them and learn about the other societies, return to Franklin and talk to him again.
Genghis Khan and Amanirenas Starfield
  1. Now, head back to your ship and take off. Land back on Charybdis III, but this time at “The Facility.”
  2. Enter the building upon landing and pick up the 7 diary pages throughout The Facility.
    • The blue markers will label these as you progress through the building.
    • You will also have to fight Hunting Maggotmaws.
Diary Pages Operation Starseed
  1. To get to the last diary page, you will need to kill a Level 45 and Level 85 Maggotmaw.
    • To kill the Level 85, you will need to keep some distance. In our playthrough as a Level 25, this creature was able to one-hit kill even with full health.
  2. After picking up the final diary page, head back to “The Crucible.”
Level 85 Hunting Maggotmaw
  1. Here, you must choose between one of the three societies to give the diary pages to.
    • Genghis Khan
    • Franklin Delano Roosevelt
    • Amanirenas
      • In terms of recruiting Amelia Earhart, this choice will not matter.
  2. No matter who you talk to, you will need to speak with Ada Lovelace to locate The Beagle, which contains codes to the restricted area of “The Facility.”
  3. You will now need to travel to Bel V in the Bel Solar System to find The Beagle.
Bel System in Starfield
  1. After traveling here, a navigation beacon will provide information that the next landing spot for The Beagle is Zelazny I.
  2. Travel to the Zelazny Solar System, where you will find The Beagle.
  3. Dock your ship onto The Beagle and board.
  4. Navigate towards the blue marker to find The Beagle’s terminal and “Download Security Override Code.”
  5. Head back to “The Crucible” on Charybdis III and let Ada decrypt the code.
Download Security Override code
  1. However, first, attend the leader’s meeting.
  2. Here, you will need to choose which leader to side with.
    • Siding with FDR or Amanirenas appears to be the best option that has the least casualties. If you select this option, you must kill Genghis Khan.
    • Siding with Genghis Khan means you must kill both FDR and Amanirenas.
    • This choice will not affect your recruitment of Amelia Earhart.
Leaders meeting Operation Starseed
  1. Now, speak with Ada to decrypt the code.
  2. Return to “The Facility” and unlock the restricted area.
Open restricted wing to access computer to unlock Amelia Earhart in Starfield
  1. Head to the Datacore.
    • Near here you will face a ton of clones, turrets and robots you must battle to get to the Datacore.
  2. At the Datacore, you will be faced with three options and this will decide if you can recruit Amelia Earhart in Starfield or not:
Reboot and restore current Mission parametersEverything remains the same and the clones are stuck at “The Crucible.”3,000 Credits
Ability to recruit Amelia Earhart
Reboot and choose a new Super-AdminYou will have to make an additional choice on the new leader at “‘The Crucible.” Options will depend on what route you chose in the leaders meeting.6,000 Credits
Ability to recruit Amelia Earhart
Initiate Full Project CleanseEvery clone will be killed.2,000 Credits
  1. The best option to choose is by far “Reboot and choose a new Super-Admin” as you will earn more credits and still be able to recruit Amelia Earhart.
Reboot and choose new super admin to unlock Amelia Earhart as a companion
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