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Amazon Warns Xbox Series X Pre-Orders May Not Come on Launch Day

The next gen console launch drama continues. Now Amazon have hinted that come launch day, Xbox Series X pre-orders may not arrive on time.

This is a worrying blow to those who have ordered a console. Although this isn’t the first time an email like this has been sent, as Amazon have also warned about a shortage of PS5 consoles come launch day.

Although both consoles are suffering from shortages as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, neither Microsoft nor Sony have yet officially warned of delays yet – this currently seems like it’s Amazon operating independently.

What Have Amazon Said About Xbox Series X Pre-Orders?

Amazon have sent a generic email to those who recently pre-ordered the Xbox Series X. The email warns that some customers, “may not receive the item on the day it is released due to high demand”.

Twitter users have been busy sharing images of the emails – with mixed reactions. Some fans are supportive and expected some difficulty. While others are decidedly less understanding.

It’s possible that Amazon are just covering themselves. After all, a similar email was sent about the PS5. So it could mean absolutely nothing.

While it’s only speculation at this point, but it may be the case that Amazon have taken on more pre-orders than units were available. Or perhaps they were expecting more units, only for Microsoft to state otherwise.

Next Gen Console Shortages Are Expected

The good news is this may mean nothing at all. Amazon and Microsoft could rectify the situation before the 10th November when the console is released.

Shortages of the next gen consoles were always going to be on the cards during the pandemic. Demand is high and supply is low.

Neither manufacturer is to blame, after all they don’t want there to be a shortage. They want to sell as many units as possible, but there’s little they can do when a virus causes production to halt.

The situation could be resolved in time, as both Sony and Microsoft push out more units. Them everyone who wants an Xbox Series X or a PlayStation 5 will receive one without waiting too long.

But those who have an existing Xbox Series X pre-order many need to wait and see what happens next. Microsoft has recently reduced the price of Xbox Series S in some regions.

We’ll keep you posted as and when we learn more about this situation. But here’s hoping the email is nothing more than a preventative measure on Amazon’s part.