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Amazon UK Xbox Series X Restock Lasts Hours – December 23

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Today, Amazon UK surprised many gamers with an Xbox Series X restock that lasted hours.

Xbox Series X continues to sell all units as soon as restocks go live. Since the console was released, it has been constantly out of stock.

Additionally, Microsoft finally released the perfect match for its console, Halo Infinite. The popularity of Halo became so big this year that a special edition Halo Infinite Xbox Series X was created.

The hype for this hardware was so massive that Microsoft Store ended up sending Halo Infinite Xbox Series X email invites to its customers.

Restocks continue to happen and usually run out of stock in minutes. Now, Amazon UK changed the game’s rules, and its latest Xbox Series X restock surprised many.

Xbox Series X Console Top

Amazon UK Xbox Series X Restock Was Massive – December 23

Amazon UK has an ongoing Xbox Series X restock that has lasted hours since it went live this December 23.

It is extremely rare to see this kind of restocks. Usually, Amazon drops Xbox Series X consoles, and stock depletes in minutes.

If you want to participate in this restock, simply tap or click on the following link:

Also, this is not a Prime member limited restock; it is open to the general public. Taking into account how close we are to Christmas, this is a perfect drop for many UK gamers.

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Xbox Series X Console and Box

As soon as the restock went live, many UK gamers started celebrating finally getting their Xbox Series X consoles.

This Xbox Series X long restocks have been a common trend this past few days. In the US, Best Buy recently had a big Xbox Series restock that ended in a massive amount of successful orders.

Additionally, retailers like GameStop in the US are even having in-store Xbox Series X restock events.

Hopefully, this trend will continue throughout 2022!

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