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Amazon UK PS5 Restock Sells Out as Players Have Basket Error

Basket error prevents many players from buying a PS5 in the Amazon UK restock.

It is still extremely hard to buy a PS5 console all over the world and basket errors are making the matter even worse.

Sony is apparently shipping millions of PS5 consoles over the next few months. However, it seems that PS5 restocks are still limited to small numbers for the time being.

This makes it all the more devastating when customers get so close to securing a console but miss out because of an error.

Amazon UK PS5 Restock

Stock of the PS5 and PS4 Digital Edition went on sale at Amazon UK slightly before 9:30 AM this morning. However, like all of the other restocks, the PS5 consoles sold out in a matter of minutes.

This huge restock of PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles at Walmart also sold out almost instantly.

While some people managed to snag a shiny new PS5 in the Amazon UK restock, many were disappointed. Lots of players had problems adding the PS5 console to their Amazon basket.

PS5 Console Restock

Amazon Basket Error

Many quick-clicking PlayStation fans who managed to click on the “add to basket” button were met with an error message. This seemed to happen to a number of people who were attempting to buy their PS5 through the Amazon mobile app.

The error was as follows. “There was a problem adding to the basket. Please check your internet connection and try again.”

This prevented customers from adding the PS5 to the basket and, therefore, from buying the console.

If you were one of the unlucky ones who didn’t manage to buy a PS5 in time, we have the solution. Be sure to check our UK PS5 Stock Tracker to get notified as soon as any major retailer restocks PS5 consoles.

Readers in America can also stay up to date with PS5 restocks too. They can view our US PS5 Stock Tracker to never miss a drop.

Meanwhile, gamers who already have a PS5 will be excited about this news. This information could confirm that Ghost of Tsushima 2 is in development already.

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