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Amazon PS5 Restock Ruined By Scalper Bots – December 28

Amazon’s latest PS5 restock is a sad reminder that bots and scalpers are still a reality.

PS5 consoles are still scarce even though 2021 is almost over. Even though Sony has done its best to continue manufacturing, the global situation still impacts its production lines.

According to many tech insiders, PS5 restocks will continue in early 2022. As restocks persist, scalpers continue to thrive in a market that can not meet demand.

Retailers implemented security measures to keep scalpers away from stock. Unfortunately, not all these efforts have been successful.

Amazon’s latest PS5 restock is a clear example that scalpers and bots are not a thing of the past.

UPDATE: Missed out on Amazon? GameStop In-Store PS5 Restock Announced for December 30

Amazon PS5 Restock Customers Complaint of Scalpers & Bots – December 28

Amazon had a PS5 restock on December 28, in which a significant amount of stock was purchased by scalper bots.

According to an error message that some users received, Amazon had an approximate amount of 39K PS5 consoles.

Furthermore, this quantity of units guarantees at least a decent restock. However, even with this large amount of units, this drop lasted just minutes and generated a lot of checkout issues.

This is usually a clear indication of scalper bots’ intervention. Gamers immediately jumped to social media and pointed out this unfortunate situation.

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Gamers Reaction to Amazon PS5 December 28 Restock

Right after the restock ended, many customers started joking that the Amazon PS5 restock seemed to have a single unit in stock.

As the restock went on, many gamers had issues adding the console to their carts. Moreover, checkout issues were prevalent in this drop.

A few seconds later, the lucky ones who added the console to their carts found that they could not pass the checkout process.

Instead of the regular checkout page, gamers received the classic “Amazon Dogs” error page.

Amazon Help stated on Twitter that these checkout issues were the product of the extremely high traffic. Additionally, it added no news as to when the next restock will happen.

Nonetheless, the PS5 product page at Amazon still has the disclaimer that the console drops till December 31 will be Prime exclusive, hinting more restocks are on the way.

PS5 restocks and deliveries have been exploding this December. Supplies issues are prevalent, but despite that, PS5 restocks continue to as we reach the end of the holidays.

Recently, Walmart early delivered and processed a vast amount of PS5 orders.

Continuing this restock trend, GameStop recently teased PS5 coming soon!

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Comments 6


Wednesday 29th of December 2021

Only for prime? Lies.


Wednesday 29th of December 2021

I remember when I was checking out a Fitbit during Black Friday, they were only allowing 1 Fitbit at the variation per account... Why can't they just limit 1 per account during big drops? Normal people don't normally buy more than one of a console anyway.


Wednesday 29th of December 2021

@Annette, they do. But unfortunately that doesn’t work on bots. They get around the system. They can order hundreds at a time.

Leonard Shelton

Wednesday 29th of December 2021

How about returning to in store purchasing only?

Tuesday 28th of December 2021

I think Amazon and Best Buy and all the other retailers are working with the bots


Tuesday 28th of December 2021

Same with Sony