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Amazon Latest PS5 Restock Orders Shipped Early – December 31

Amazon has surprised many of its customers with the early shipping of their PS5 orders placed on the latest restock.

After a whole year in the market and after Sony’s best efforts, PS5 is still out of stock constantly. Ever since its launch, the current-gen console has managed to remain in high demand for gamers worldwide.

Manufacturers and retailers around the globe have teamed up to restock this console constantly. Although, even with their best attempts, PS5 is still scarce.

According to insiders, PS5 restocks could continue well into 2022. In the meantime, retailers have no other option but to keep hosting restocks as often as possible.

In the case of Amazon, its latest PS5 restock is making many gamers happy with early shipments.

Amazon PS5 Orders From Its Latest Restock Are Shipping Early

According to several gamers celebrating online, Amazon has shipped their PS5 orders from the latest restock earlier than expected.

Recently, Amazon had two PS5 restocks that ended up disappointing customers due to scalper bots’ intervention.

In addition to this, customers experienced several technical glitches and checkout problems. Among these issues, some customers received delivery dates up to February 27, 2022.

In fact, these long delivery times even detracted some customers from actually trying to buy the console.

Fortunately, it seems this long delivery period was just a misfortunate bug as some customers’ PS5 Amazon orders are already shipping.

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Considering how convoluted these last two PS5 restocks were at Amazon, it is great to see this player’s patience rewarded.

Of course, not everyone is getting the same outcome out of this drop. Some customers have already reported Amazon has not yet placed a delivery date on their order.

According to a gamer with this issue, they called Amazon, and apparently, there is no more stock to fulfill these orders.

Although, the order has not been canceled yet, meaning stock from future restocks might be allocated to fulfill it.

If you were not lucky to get your console on this drop, there are more restocks coming soon!

Recently, PS5 restocks exploded during the last days of December, and it seems the hype train will continue going strong!

Target’s recent warehouse stock indicates a huge PS5 restock happening next week.

In addition to these restock, PS Direct has not stocked PS5 consoles in some time. But, these restocks are limited to invite-only participation.

Here is how to register and receive an email invite for PS Direct’s PS5 restocks.

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Friday 31st of December 2021

This is a continuation.

Amazon is a total train wreck. Prime members were supposed to get a crack at purchasing the PS5. We already pay for Prime. 23 times. 23 times I had a PS5 in my cart. I hit “buy now”. I got kicked out, and received a message from a dog. 23 Times I had the console in my cart. Every time I tried to pay, it took me to a screen that said “uh oh” looks like there’s a problem on our end… try refreshing” The last msg says “unavailable “ Also, if you place the console on a wish list or in your saved items, Amazon says they will move it to your cart. Well that happened, and when I attempted to pay… the item was removed or had been removed from my cart.

Target? Natural Disaster. BJ’s, Costco, and some other stores sell the console for $700+ with a flip to purchase a game and then you can purchase the console.

Walmart, was the best. First they opened the restock to members of their delivery program. They then opened it up for everyone else. I think you guys reported a 3 pm restock… and that was the best. You were placed in a Que, in line. It then told you that you had 10 min to purchase. It was fabulous. The console came after Christmas, and it actually came earlier than expected. One issue was that it was to be delivered by Fed Ex.. and required a signature. I rearranged my entire schedule. I received an email that said my package was delivered. I opened the door, there was the box.


Friday 31st of December 2021

It’s a nightmare.

Best Buy did a restock. You’re in, the PS5 is in your cart. You get a message that says they have to verify your account. Then they send you a code. You put your code in… and receive a message that says “no products within a 250 radius.” By the time you select other stores… everything is sold out.

GameStop is a mess too. And they want you to buy into a program. So you have to spend money… to spend money. Which there’s no guarantee you’ll get spend more money.