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Amazon PS5 Restock Could Be Imminent With Listings Removed

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PS5 reseller’s listings have been removed from Amazon and this might signal good news for gamers still waiting to get a console.

Console scarcity has been a constant issue.

Without a doubt, both current-gen consoles have been out of stock since their respective launch dates.

Restocks have been increasing in stock, quantity, and frequency. Although, none of this has completely mitigated the huge existing demand.

Today, Amazon removed the reseller listing of its PS5 product page, which might indicate good news for those waiting to get a console!

Amazon PS5 Reseller’s Listings Removal Hints Imminent Restock

The news of Amazon’s PS5 reseller listing removals broke from Reddit, and we confirmed there is truth to it.

We have observed this is a common practice from the retailer before a PS5 restock happens.

Additionally, we checked the PS5 Digital Edition listing. After some inspection, we found that there is a reseller listing option for this console at this moment.

This indicates that Amazon’s measure is limited to the PS5 Console model for the time being.

Furthermore, this follows Amazon’s current trend of restocking only the PS5 Disc Console model.

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Even if this does not end in a restock, it is a great step in the right direction. Considering that scalping and reselling is a big factor in regards to console scarcity.

Although, scalping and reselling are far from over. All these resellers will certainly find a home on eBay or other listing sites.

Recent PS5 Restocks

PS5 restocks have been on the rise lately.

Recently, there was even an in-store restock from GameStop. This was such an event that it attracted huge queue lines and even gamers camping outside the store.

Just before the in-store event, GameStop also had one of the biggest online restock seen to date.

In particular, this online restock lasted over an hour, with intermittent stock coming live.

As restocks become more common, several retailers like PS Direct, Walmart, and Antonline are rumored to have PS5 restocks in the upcoming days.

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