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Amazon PS5 Restock Is Live Now – April 19

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If you’re on the hunt for a new PS5, don’t miss this new restock at Amazon!

Next-gen consoles might be hard to come by, but an Amazon drop is the rarest restock of them all. The major retailer, despite being the biggest online store out there, only tends to drop once per month, if that.

However, after our most recent PS5 restock appeared at the end of March, Amazon already has new stock up for grabs!

Missed out on the action? Don’t worry – these retailers will be dropping PS5 restocks this week!

Amazon PS5 Restock In-Stock Now for Prime Members – April 19

Amazon has a new PS5 restock available, with Disc units heading into customers’ carts right now on April 19.

This is an unbelievably quick drop for Amazon, which put stock live only a little over two weeks ago. However, you’ll need to be a Prime member to take advantage of the new restock.

According to the site: “Prime Members will have priority access to the PlayStation 5 until April 19, 2022”

When we see that sign, it’s a sure-fire way of telling that the PS5 is about to drop, and this time the restock went live almost immediately.

UPDATE: Amazon now appears to be out of stock! If you missed out on this drop, don’t worry. After all, there’s another major retailer dropping the PS5 today!

Here’s a link to the Amazon PS5 page! For best results, try adding the console to a list, and then hitting add to cart.

Amazon PS5 Console Drop

And don’t forget, we’ve got a new way for gamers to beat scalpers and find their PS5 with ease!

Meanwhile, in other recent Sony news, a new PlayStation acquisition is on the way, and it’s a big one! You’ll definitely want to get your hands on the next-gen device before the exciting news raises demand once again.

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