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Amazon Latest PS5 Restock Was Lackluster – Feb 25

Amazon is back from a long PS5 restock hiatus, but its return to the restock scene has been a pretty lackluster one.

Most retailers are coming back from a long period of inactivity regarding current-gen console restocks.

After an exciting December season, restocks dramatically slowed down after mid-January.

After this notorious December season, Sony itself warned that PS5 shortages would continue throughout 2022.

This has to do with many global issues affecting electronics production and logistics around the globe. Fortunately, many retailers are jumping back into the restock scene even with these troubles.

Amazon made its return with a PS5 restock that did not meet most of its customers’ expectations.

PS5 Dualsense Controller

Amazon’s Recent Prime PS5 Restock Disappointed Many Customers – Feb 25

Amazon’s latest PS5 restock for its Prime members ended up disappointing many gamers. The drop began right a few minutes after the announcement.

Many already anticipated this Amazon since insiders hinted it could happen this week.

Even though that was the case, this PS5 restock started mere minutes after the announcement, which surprised many gamers.

The PS5 listing description changed from the usual to: “Amazon Prime customers will be given priority access to the PlayStation 5 through 3/31. Right after this change, the restock went live.

This has been a constant with Amazon restocks for quite some time. After the restock began, gamers complained about checkout issues a few minutes into the drop.

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Customers’ Opinion on Amazon Latest PS5 Restock

The most prevalent issue during this Amazon PS5 restock was the checkout complaints. This is not the first time this has happened either.

Amazon does not implement a queue system like other retailers. Due to this, gamers have to try repeatedly until their purchase goes through.

Furthermore, the lucky gamers that got the console in their carts received an error. This error stated the quantity in the cart was not available.

Did not get your PS5 in this restock? Target’s rising stock level hints at an upcoming restock!

Also, other gamers furiously blamed scalpers for the myriad of issues during these restock. Sadly, this is not the first time customers blame scalper bots for ruining an Amazon restock.

After all the checkout problems, many customers received the dreaded “Not Available” message from Amazon.

Some gamers even got the famous Amazon dog screen during this PS5 restock.

Even though this restock was plagued with issues, some lucky gamers finally celebrated getting their PS5 console from Amazon.

If Amazon is not an option for you, this trick might help you get your PS5 console on Best Buy!

Hopefully, Amazon’s next restock would be less eventful than this one.

If you are still looking for a PlayStation 5 console, PS Direct has constantly restocked units. Here is how to register for a PS Direct PS5 restock email invite.

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