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Amazon Prime Xbox Series X Restock Expected to Drop in December

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Amazon’s new listing update hints that a huge Xbox Series X Restock could be dropping this month, December 2021, for Prime Members!

It’s almost Christmas and many gamers are still struggling to buy an Xbox Series X. ALthough, it’s certainly not impossible.

Even if the Xbox Series X shortage will continue into 2022, it is still possible to buy one at the moment. In fact, we know the best way to get an Xbox Series X before Christmas too.

What’s more, we now know that Amazon could be having another huge Xbox Series X restock for Prime members before the end of December. Here’s what we know about this so far.

Also, check out every expected Xbox Series X restock from December 20-27.

Xbox Series X

Amazon Prime December Xbox Series X Restock

It looks almost certain that Amazon Prime members will have the chance to buy an Xbox Series X before the end of December!

Amazon Prime members had a very successful Xbox Series X restock at the end of November. Now, the retailer seems like it will be repeating this for the final month of the year too.

This is thanks to a very important change on the Amazon Xbox Series X listing.

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Now, the product listing on Amazon says that Prime members will be given priority access to the Xbox Series X until 12/31 – the end of December.

This almost certainly confirms that an Xbox Series X restock will be dropping at Amazon before the end of the month. However, the date and time have not been confirmed by Amazon just yet.

To participate in the restock, you’ll want to follow one of these links:

Xbox Series X Amazon Prime Restock

In other news, gamers have reported that the Xbox Series X is in stock in Target stores. This is another great way to snag your console in the holiday rush!

Plus, earlier in December there were also many reports that Target also had Xbox Series X consoles available to buy in-store. It is also definitely worth checking your local store if you are looking for a new console before Christmas.

Meanwhile, many gamers are having trouble with receiving their next-gen console deliveries. Walmart has canceled loads of Xbox Series X and PS5 orders.

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