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Amazon Prime Day Gaming Sales Are a Disappointing Mess – But We’ve Found A Silver Lining

Those of you that were hoping to snag a few gaming bargains on Amazon Prime Day today may be disappointed. The Amazon Prime Day Gaming Sale is a bit of a let-down.  

Black Friday this is most certainly not. Many games are a similar price to what they are normally, making the sale pointless in most cases.

While they may have been discounted, it’s not really enough to warrant much attention. Similar if not better deals can be had on any given day through PSN, Xbox Live Marketplace, or Nintendo’s Virtual Store.

There are some exceptions though.

Taking Advantage of Amazon Prime Day Gaming Sales

Nintendo fans will know that Switch games have a tendency to hold their value for a long time. This is great for them, but annoying for us.

This can make being a Nintendo player an expensive pass time. Especially when you spend months looking forward to a port of a classic title, only for it to cost more than you spent on it first time around!

Having the option to play Skyrim on a portable device is an absolute dream come true. But do Nintendo really expect us to pay full price for a game we’ve already completed on two previous consoles?

The good news is these typically overpriced Nintendo Switch games have been discounted by either 33% or 17% in some cases.

This may be as good as it gets.

Check the Nintendo Pokemon Let's Go Deal here

So if you have been planning on buying a recent Nintendo Switch title, now may be the time. Alternatively, you’ll need to wait for it to eventually come down in price, or buy it used to get the same saving.

Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee for example, is normally $59.99 on Amazon. Meaning the price of the game hasn’t come down in two years.

Under the Amazon Prime Day sale though, its new price is $39.99 dollars, and that's brand new.

While you can purchase a used copy for a lot less, if you’d rather not do that then, it may be time to snag a bargain. You can view all the other deals here for the USA or UK.

Nintendo Switch owners may also like to know that Minecraft's Steve comes to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate today too.

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