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Amazon Updated With New PS5 Listings – October 2021

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According to new information, Amazon is poised and ready to restock PS5 consoles as early as next week, perhaps even sooner if shoppers are lucky!

If, like many other shoppers, you’re on the hunt for a PlayStation 5, Amazon may well be the next best place to look.

Not only are some PS5 restocks being delayed, but next-gen hunters are also encountering problems with massive queues and disappointing outcomes.

Furthermore, shoppers are even running into frustration with buying directly from PlayStation themselves, using the new PlayStation Direct restocking service.

Unfortunately, the demand for next-gen consoles is just as apparent as it’s always been. And, with the run-up to Christmas, paired with some highly anticipated PS5 games coming in 2021 & 2022, shoppers are more desperate than ever.

Now, it looks like the next best chance to get a hold of a PS5 might be through an Amazon restock coming very soon!

PS Direct PS5 restock queue
(Source: Sony)

Amazon PS5 Restock Expected Next Week – October 2021

It seems that Amazon is preparing to drop a whole bunch of PS5 consoles as early as next week.

Yesterday morning, Amazon’s PS5 listings were updated! You can check out the new listings below:

Usually, this means that a company is ready to unload its online stock and open it up to customers. Therefore, it’s strongly recommended you stay alert for a new PS5 restock at Amazon.

Luckily, we have our handy lightning-fast PS5 Stock Trackers to notify you when new consoles become available:

However, it’s also important to remember that Black Friday is heading our way. Of course, this likely means that some retailers are purposefully saving their stock for Black Friday 2021.

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Sunday 24th of October 2021

Nieco na tom bude ponukal od augusta ps5 a dodanie do 1.11.2021