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Amazon Latest PS5 Restock Was Another Strike For Scalpers – December 30

Amazon’s latest December PS5 restock was similar to its prior one, a very disappointing drop for many gamers.

PS5 is still out of stock constantly. Retailers have to do constant restocks to keep moving units and getting them to many lucky gamers.

According to tech insiders, PS5 restocks would continue for some time in 2022. Manufacturers have stated they are doing their best to keep production at the highest possible.

Although, many companies like Sony have reduced their production targets due to many global situations affecting manufacturing lines.

In the meantime, retailers like Amazon do their best to keep up with demand. In the case of Amazon, its latest PS5 restocks have been unfortunately affected by scalpers.


Amazon’s Latest PS5 Restock Was Affected by Scalper Bots Once Again

Amazon had a PS5 restock today that ended up disappointing gamers once again due to the scalpers’ intervention.

After a recent restock invaded by scalper bots, Amazon had yet another PS5 drop today.

This restock followed a similar path to the previous one. In essence, hundreds of fans complain about checkout issues and multiple site errors.

This time around, Amazon had another restock tactic. Namely, it did several smaller drops instead of dropping all PS5 units at once.

Many people received error messages stating the console was out of stock. Minutes later, Amazon added more stock, and this circle continued for a while.

Unfortunately, even with this new strategy, scalper presence was inevitable, which certainly affected this drop.

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Customers React to Amazon PS5 December Restock

One part of this restock was the constant cute dogs’ error page from Amazon. Customers received images of dogs after trying to add the console to their carts or go through checkout.

In addition to all these checkout errors, for some reason, some customers were getting delivery dates up to February 27, 2022.

This might be a placeholder, but it certainly stopped several gamers from even trying to purchase a console in this Amazon PS5 December restock.

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Of course, not everything was doom and sadness in this restock. Amazon did deliver a lot of consoles to fortunate players.

As soon as the first restock batches were out of stock, many players celebrated getting their consoles.

If you could not get your PS5 console on Amazon’s latest December drop, there are more restocks on the horizon!

According to insiders, Target is preparing for a huge PS5 restock next week!

Additionally, PS Direct has not restocked PS5 units in a while. This means a new restock might be on the way.

Here is how you can register and get an email invite from PlayStation Direct.

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Friday 21st of January 2022

Ps5 has never been out of stock. Scalpers have thousands for sale at any given time. This is called artificial demand. Let's let the scalpers choke on it while playstation bleeds money with no one buying any games. I bought a quest 2 and samsung tablet. See ya never playstation.


Wednesday 5th of January 2022

The PS5 is not going to be a hit like the PS4, it will hit a sales roadblock if they don't fix the supply and scalper issue, it will eventually hurt software sales.