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Amazon Latest PS5 Restock Was a Huge Success

Amazon had a PS5 restock today, and fans were pleasantly surprised by it.

PS5 drops are still a thing even a year after the console release.

Sadly, current-gen console scarcity is still a thing. Even though Sony and Microsoft try their best to keep up with demand, production never seems to be enough.

Retailers like Amazon have even been rumored to start implementing anti-scalper measures in console drops.

This tactic, of course, has varied in effectiveness for each retailer.

Today, Amazon surprised everyone with a colossal PS5 restock.

Amazon PS5 Console Restock November

Thousand of Successful Cheackouts During Amazon’s PS5 restock

Today, Amazon had a very surprising PS5 restock with priority access for its Prime members.

The restock was announced, and mere minutes later, stock went up for grabs. Namely, only the Disc version PS5 console was restocked by Amazon this time.

Fortunately for many, this was the Amazon PS5 restock everyone was clamoring for.

A few minutes later, a landslide of excited gamers flooded Twitter, celebrating they finally got a PS5.

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Some gamers even stated it was effortless to grab a PS5 this time. That is, if you already had a Prime membership, of course.

The overall comment from gamers was how easy it was to add a console to your cart and go through checkout.

Generally, this is one of the most significant issues during restocks. As thousands try to get through the system and complete the checkout process, many bugs arise.

Even some Xbox fans tried luck this time, finding success in the road less taken for them.

Of course, not everything was a walk in the park. Even though this can be considered one of Amazon’s best PS5 restocks to date, some gamers were not that lucky.

Several customers did experience a few technical issues.

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But, this can happen in any restock. It is expected that many customers will remain empty-handed, especially if they arrive late to the party.

Taking a few technical complaints aside, the parade of happy gamers continued.

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Apparently, the restock was so good that several customers are in disbelief and just waiting for an email telling them it is all a mistake.

The disbelief is genuine, but some just ended up embracing this good restock and celebrated their luck.

Indeed, not all restocks can be this good, but we are glad so many gamers finally got their consoles.

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Walter Stephens

Sunday 28th of November 2021

I didn't get one we is the next restock

Valerie Mejias

Wednesday 24th of November 2021

Will there be an Xbox series s or Xbox colossal drop? And if so, when?