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Amazon is Delaying Some Xbox Series X Pre Orders

Some unlucky customers have had their Amazon Xbox Series X preorders delayed by over a month.

One day before the launch of the Xbox Series X, some who preordered Microsoft’s next-gen console from Amazon received an upsetting email.

The ominous message informed customers that Amazon expects to ship their consoles “in the coming weeks as we receive more inventory in November and December.” The email went on to say that the customer would receive their console “by 12/31 or before.” 

Who’s Being Affected?

The delay seems to be affecting random groups of people. A couple of Reddit users explained how they ordered the console at the same time as one of their friends, yet one got the email and the other didn’t.  

Many are also livid because they preordered seconds after the console went live. So right now, it’s hard to tell why this is happening to some, and not others. 

An important thing to remember is that Amazon doesn’t charge people until their order ships. This might give the retailer some leeway in delaying orders since no transaction actually occurred. 

It’s understandable that people are frustrated, especially since they're getting this bad news on the day before launch. Some have even questioned the purpose of preordering if they're not gonna get their console on day one.   

This is just another misstep in what has been a frustrating adventure for those hoping to snag a shiny new console this holiday season. Preorders for both consoles sold out everywhere as soon as they went live.

In the meantime, reviews have been going live across the internet as we await our new consoles' arrival. Additionally, Microsoft has already detailed how to solve some known issues with the Series X, should they arise. 

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