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Amazon Employee Claims 1000s More PS5 Consoles Are Ready to Drop – July 2021

We just had a new Amazon PS5 restock in a Prime Day drop, but another leak is revealing 1000s more consoles may be coming soon.

When it comes to finding a PS5 restock, Amazon is one of the trickiest retailers to predict. In the past, Amazon used to inform fans when the next PS5 drop was going live.

But over the last few months, the online retailer has taken to holding back for weeks on end before finally releasing stock at seemingly random times. We even had a PS5 restock at 3 AM not too long ago, with no notice whatsoever which left a lot of gamers waking up to an ‘Out of Stock’ notice and a great deal of frustration.

PS5 at Amazon

Recently, Amazon did finally drop some PS5 stock for Amazon Prime Day 2021. But new reports suggest that there are more consoles where that came from.

Still looking for your next-gen console? Our lightning-fast stock tracker will let you know the minute a PS5 restock goes live:

Amazon PS5 Restock – July 2021

Could we be looking at another Amazon PS5 restock as we head into July 2021? This Amazon employee certainly thinks so!

Although Amazon is an infrequent PS5 restocker, the major retailer could be due for another drop very soon. In a new post on the PS5Restock subreddit, one user claiming to be an Amazon warehouse worker reports an excess of PS5 stock.

“Amazon’s has 1000s. There are at least 50 at my warehouse alone,” Sure-Estate-8094 writes. “No telling how many Amazon actually has but I know that they aren’t showing their true numbers”

There’s no guarantee that the Reddit user actually works for Amazon, however they are able to provide a seemingly new picture from inside their local warehouse. In it, we can see a number of PS5 consoles that appear to be ready for sale.

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PS5 Restock Amazon
(Source: Sony)

The Reddit user isn’t able to provide any evidence to support their claim of 1000s of PS5 consoles being available. However, a single warehouse having at least 50 units in stock does suggest that the retailer has a surplus of systems after Prime Day’s sale.

With that in mind, we’ve included Amazon in our list of all this week’s upcoming PS5 restocks!

There’s no guarantee that Amazon will be dropping again so soon, but we’d definitely recommend keeping your eyes on that stock tracker for now. Meanwhile, it looks like this major retailer has PS5 consoles arriving in-store!

But demand for the PS5 is about to skyrocket once more, with a new PlayStation Experience showcase dropping soon, according to new rumors. Allegedly, this will be the first time we get to see gameplay for the recently-delayed God of War Ragnarok.

And we recently found out the differences between Horizon Forbidden West’s PS4 and PS5 ports. Although Guerrilla Games is doing a great job of making the title a flawless experience on either console, there’s no question as to which is the better way to play.

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