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Amazing Warzone Munitions & Armor Box Trick Takes Down Bunker Squad

This great Munitions and Armor Box trick in Warzone can help you take down squads quickly.

Munitions and Armor boxes are two of the handiest items you can pick up in Warzone. Ammo and plates are scarce, so being able to restock your whole squad is extremely useful.

However, these boxes can also be deadly. This player used an opposing squad’s armor or ammo box against them.

Modern Warfare and Warzone Season 5 Reloaded FiNN LMG Weapon

Ammo & Armor Boxes Explode in Warzone

A little known fact about munitions and armor boxes in Warzone is that they explode when they are shot. This clever player used this to his advantage to take down a squad in a bunker.

This isn’t the only case of an unexpected piece of equipment exploding in Warzone. The most unlucky Warzone player ever lost a game because of an exploding Trophy System.

A new clip from Reddit shows walking down the stairs into one of the many bunkers dotted around Verdansk. He then noticed an armor box on the floor and shot it.

The armor box exploded and downed three players. His squad was then able to clean up the players on the ground to get an easy team wipe.

This tactic can be used with any munitions or armor box in Warzone and is a good way to down multiple players quickly if they are all huddled around the box to refill their equipment.

It makes sense that munitions boxes would blow up when shot in Warzone, as they contain explosives. However, a box full of armor plates probably shouldn’t explode when shot.

realholymoose Reddit

Meanwhile, cheating is a huge problem in Warzone. Activision has just banned 60,000 players and will crack down on cheaters.

This is good considering that the problem is even worse than initially thought. This streamer has lost over 1000 games to Warzone cheaters.

Warzone players can also remove players from their lobbies though. Use these two handy tips to help make your lobby cheat-free.

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