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All Zombies Stitch Operator Missions in Season One Black Ops Cold War

Stitch is one of the brand new Operators added to Black Ops Cold War with Season One. With the addition of Stitch comes new missions and challenges to unlock new skins, a sticker, and a calling card.

This article will show you how to complete all zombies challenges for Stitch in Black Ops Cold War Zombies.

Stitch Operator challenges Black Ops Cold War Zombies
Stitch Operator skins in Black Ops Cold War Zombies

How to Complete Stitch Operator Missions

The first thing you need to do in order for you to start doing these challenges, you have to buy the Season One Battle Pass.

After you have bought the Battle Pass, you have to equip Stitch as your Operator, that way you play as him in your next zombies game.

There are four challenges you must complete in Zombies.

Stitch Challenge 1/4

Challenge #1 Stitch Operator Black Ops Cold War Zombies
Challenge #1

The first challenge you must complete is to successfully exfil one time.

Exfiltration is a new mechanic in Black Ops Cold War Zombies where the player has the option to end the game with a cinematic sequence where you must kill a horde of zombies and flee to a helicopter and escape the map.

These exfiltration options are available to the player starting at round 11. However, this option does not last very long, so the player must make a quick decision.

Every five rounds after 11 will be a new exfil window.

For the sake of this challenge, I recommend exfiltrating at round 11 so you can do this challenge as soon as possible.

Once you have killed all of the zombies around you, board the helicopter, and you will complete the first challenge.

Stitch Challenge #2

Challenge #2 Stitch Operator Black Ops Cold War Zombies
Challenge #2

The second challenge requires the player to get 100 kills with a mystery box weapon.

For 950 points, the mystery box gives the player a random weapon.

The mystery box will spawn in one of two locations when you start your game. At the Pond next to Quick Revive, or at the Crash Site next to Juggernog.

Simply use the mystery box and kill 100 zombies with any weapon that comes out of it.

You should do this on as low of a round as possible so you do not have to worry about your weapon not doing enough damage.

Eventually, you will have accumulated 100 kills and you have completed the second challenge.

Stitch Challenge #3

Challenge #3 Stitch Operator Black Ops Cold War Zombies
Challenge #3

The third challenge for Stitch in zombies requires the player to earn three 'Ringleader' medals.

The ringleader medal is earned when a player gets 10 or more kills while staying inside the Ring of Fire field upgrade.

Make sure you equip Ring of Fire before you start your game.

The best way to efficiently earn the ringleader medal is to horde up a crowd of zombies and create some space between you and your horde. Then, activate Ring of Fire and mow them all down.

Do that three times, and eventually, you will have earned three ringleader medals, and your third challenge will be complete.

Stitch Challenge #4

Challenge #4 Stitch Operator Black Ops Cold War Zombies
Challenge #4

The final zombies challenge for Stitch is to survive 20 rounds.

You have to actually surpass round 20 and make it 21. That way, the game recognizes that you have survived 20 total rounds.

Surviving 20 rounds is not difficult. Choose the right weaponry such as the Gallo SA12, Hauer 77, or the M16 and you will have no problems reaching round 21.

Once you finish round 20, you have completed the final challenge.

If you need help with this, you can always read through the New Easiest High Round Strategy for Black Ops Cold War Zombies Die Maschine.

As well as the Best Weapons to Use in Die Maschine.

Stitch Operator Rewards

Siberian Ghost Skin for Stitch Black Ops Cold War Zombies
Siberian Ghost Skin - Stitch

For each challenge you complete, you earn certain rewards.

  • Challenge #1 - Escaped Menace Calling Card
  • Challenge #2 - Siberian Ghost Skin
  • Challenge #3 - Almost Functional Sticker
  • Challenge #4 - Toxic Terror Skin

Thes rewards also come with additional XP with each challenge completion.

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