Warzone is getting a selection of Zombies Power-Ups to pick up in Season 2 – here are all of the bonuses and what they do!

MW3 and Warzone Season 2 is Zombies-themed, meaning that plenty of the new content will be connected to the fan-favorite, undead-slaying mode!

One particularly exciting new addition in the Warzone Season 2 update is Zombies Power-ups. For a limited time, once the season begins, players will be able to find glowing Power-Ups, which grant powerful buffs and abilities, on the ground and inside loot boxes.

There are seven Power-Ups in total coming to Warzone. Four of these are classic Zombies Power-Ups, and the remaining three are brand-new. What’s more, they work in conjunction with all of your Perks!

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All Zombies Power-Ups in Warzone & What They Do

Power UpEffect
Double Points60-second duration. Doubles Plunder from ground loot and kills, and score events in Resurgence (that contribute to teammate respawn timers).
Full ArmorInstant buff. Fully fills your active Armor slots on pickup.
Max AmmoInstant buff. Fully fills ammo for all your carried weapons on pickup.
Fire Sale90-second duration. Reduces the price of all shop items for a small duration of time.
Looting Spree60-second duration. Adds bonus items to caches, with a very high chance of a bonus Common item, and a small but significant chance of an additional Legendary item.
Zarkour60-second duration. Increases movement speed by around 10%, with infinite Tactical Sprint and Reloading while Sprinting, and disables Fall Damage.
Undead Sight45-second duration. Operators or AI enemies within the range of your vision are highlighted red and friendly squadmates are blue. Tracker footsteps are active.
The Call of Duty Blog says that the duration of Power-Ups may be adjusted during the season.

These are all of the Zombies Power-Ups coming in Warzone Season 2. Be sure to pick up as many as possible to give you an edge against your opponents.

Also, developer Raven Software has teased the return of the Specialist Bonus in Warzone. This is the greatest Power-Up of them all!

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